Friday, April 10, 2015

Been Working All Week...

...and two days the week before and am certainly not used to that many hours in a row. I have two more fulltime weeks to go covering for someone else on my job. Thus the lighter than usual blogging. I will try to make that up a bit over the weekend and hopefully can write up some posts ahead of time for the week to come. Anyway, my next to last post (two posts prior to this one) should at least appease my straight male readers and maybe my last post will appease those of a more conservative or libertarian ilk.

All the best,

Like Hillary - He Loves To Take Credit When To His Advantage...

...and again like Hillary - he is quick to shift blame when it falls squarely upon his shoulders.

Sadly, the only Demoncrat (hint - her name is Hillary) who appears as if she will be running for the presidency in 2016 would be much, much, much worse than him. Bear that in mind if you are a Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or even a truly moderate Democrat - only you can stop her in 2016.

All the best,

Happy In The Face of Death

A friend sent me an email telling me his neighbor wanted to jog with him but he went to his doctor who recommended against it because of the condition of his heart. He gave his neighbor my number and I went jogging with her without first consulting with my doctor even though my friend said maybe I should check first.


I am now in the cardiac intensive care unit at my local hospital, not so much due to the run but rather to the fun that came afterwards. She was quite appreciative of my agreeing to jog with her and invited me over to her place where she slipped a few Viagras into my beer. The sex was wild and lasted 7 hours and even though I am in the ICU of cardiac care, I am happy as I await either an emergency transplant or death.

Yeah right! Anyway, a hat tip and my eternal thanks to Herr Rich M for that one!

All the best,
Glenn B