Thursday, September 30, 2010

Been A Rough One...

...or two. Had a long day at work yesterday and a long one today - both working in assisting agents from another office on a case and raid. Out in the field all day yesterday then again for all of the day today. Cannot get into specifics but will say it was some ball busting heavy duty work - especially today after only about 4 hours sleep last night. I should sleep good tonight. Worked with some good people including a new agent in my office. She was a pleasure to work with since she worked hard, did things sensibly, kept things moving, and was not a prima dona. I would be happy to go through the door with her anyday even though this one was not all that potentially dangerous. Nice to see they sometimes still make agents like they used to.

Will probably blog more tomorrow and over the weekend.

All the best,

I Took A Test Today - I Failed

You too can take the same test that I took today. One to see if you are cool:

Don't expect too much no matter how highly you think of yourself.

All the best,

Awesome Teamwork and I do mean AWESOME

If the video did not show up, and sometimes it does not, then you can also go to this link:

It is good to know there are still those among us who think like these guys and who are out there protecting the rest of us back here. The amount of camaraderie they showed was absolutely awe inspiring. I will sleep a good night's sleep tonight knowing that their kind is watching over the rest of us. When I wake, I guess I'll have to get a new soldier assigned to me by Soldiers' Angels.

All the best,
Glenn B

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