Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ballseye's Firearms Training & Tactics - Pistol Nomenclature

In order for a new comer to shooting to understand some of the things I will write about in the furture regarding how to familiarize yourself with and shoot a pistol, you will first need an understanding of basic pistol nomenclature. I have tried my hand at giving you a diagram that shows most of the nomenclature on a Beretta 92FS, double action, semi-automatic pistol. Note the nomenclature may or may not be the same for the type of pistol that you train with or shoot. In fact it may be quite different in some regards, especially with regard to the safety and its function, the hammer (exposed or not exposed), the magazine release (type and location), the slide lock/release (if any) and so forth. Always make sure to read the manufacturer's instruction sheet and pistol diagram to familiarize yourself with any firearm, and if they are not available then try to get them before handling the firearm. If you cannot get them, then ask a competent firearms instructor to familiarize you with the firearm; in fact even if you have the instruction sheet and diagram, it is a good idea to have an instructor familairize you with the firearm.

Sure, I know, the print seems to small to read, and those lines hard to follow; but if you left-click on the image, it should show up as an enlarged version. Any quiestions, leave them in the comments section. Note I only mentioned the parts you will have to understand to learn to shoot. That little metal ring at the bottom of the grips is a laynard loop (my personal opinion - don't bother ever using a laynard, except maybe on a boat). The screws in the grips are grip screws, don't take them ouut, but make sure they are tight. As I said, any questions, contact me via a comment.

All the best,
Glenn B