Monday, February 8, 2010

So - Representative John Murtha (D) Has Died

He passed away due to complications of gall bladder surgery, that surgery reportedly damaged his intestines, see here. I have mixed feelings. I owe the man a debt of gratitude for his service in the military during the Vietnam conflict. Then again, I despised his politics, what I believed were his repeated insulting deceits while in office and what I saw as his brazen unpatriotic rhetoric. I think his politics stank and while maybe he was the well meaning sort, he was doing us almost irreparable harm by way of his politics in my opinion. So, I mourn the fallen ex-serviceman with genuine sympathy and my condolences go his family and loved ones. Yet, at the same time, I am brought to the point of almost celebrating, with unmitigated joy, that he is out of the House of Representatives. I only find myself not doing so because his being out of politics was brought about by his tragic and untimely death and he was, after all, an ex-marine and he is owed respect for that if for nothing else.

With mixed feelings,
Glenn B

A New Gun After Phoenix or Just Wishful Thinking

I have been here in Phoenix for about a month and a half. In that time I was able to squirrel away a decent amount of cash. What with not having to spend on my ordinary expenses from out of my own pocket, being on per diem and all, I have put away about $1,200 of what I would have otherwise spent of my own money. Getting the per diem has allowed me to do that. I figure that once another 2 months goes by, if I keep going at this rate, I'll have about another $2,000 saved up for a total of about $3,200 or so. That will be a nice chunk of change. Some will go toward new flooring for the living room, some will go toward a new computer or tuition for my son, and I think the rest will have to go for something along the lines of a new rifle. maybe something I have been wanting in .308 or maybe an AK of one sort or another that is still legal in NY. I am figuring on putting aside at least a grand to $1,200 for the rifle - whatever I decide to buy.

I have had designs to get a new gun a few times in the past but my hopes were smashed on the rocks below for one reason or another. This time though, it looks as if things are on target. Even if it winds up I don't get to put that much aside for a rifle, I will almost undoubtedly have a few hundred put aside for one. That would put something like a Marlin XS7 in .308 in my sights. I would rather get an AK or maybe even a Springfield M1A1 or a Ruger Mini 30 - something along the lines of a SHTF rifle but I will settle for less if it comes to that. I suppose I am leaning toward an AK because there are parts available for them worldwide, ammo is cheap, and they are workhorse guns.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Dubliner - Phoenix

I made it up to The Dubliner tonight and surprisingly got there before The Waters, well at least before Krystal of The Waters (she was solo tonight), started playing. She does a great rendition of Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right' - good for an older middle aged guy's soul. I enjoyed her singing as I enjoyed dinner which was a Pub Steak. Pretty decent food and better entertainment made for a good night.

Krystal did 4 or was it 5 songs and then opened up the mike to others (open mike night). The next couple of soloists were pretty good. One did a couple of Jethro Tull songs, the other sang 5 pretty funny songs including Hitler's bar mitzvah (and he claimed go be half Jewish). It was a good time. The 4th and final singer I stayed to listen to tried to be funny and maybe would have been had he not tried as hard. Not as much talent there as compared to the others but 3 out of 4 ain't bad. Anyhow, I went there to hear The Waters and was quite content to settle for listening to the the fiery red headed half of the duo.

I did not stay til the end, wish I had had the chance but I had to get back before the witching hour to make sure I get up early tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B
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