Monday, February 8, 2010

So - Representative John Murtha (D) Has Died

He passed away due to complications of gall bladder surgery, that surgery reportedly damaged his intestines, see here. I have mixed feelings. I owe the man a debt of gratitude for his service in the military during the Vietnam conflict. Then again, I despised his politics, what I believed were his repeated insulting deceits while in office and what I saw as his brazen unpatriotic rhetoric. I think his politics stank and while maybe he was the well meaning sort, he was doing us almost irreparable harm by way of his politics in my opinion. So, I mourn the fallen ex-serviceman with genuine sympathy and my condolences go his family and loved ones. Yet, at the same time, I am brought to the point of almost celebrating, with unmitigated joy, that he is out of the House of Representatives. I only find myself not doing so because his being out of politics was brought about by his tragic and untimely death and he was, after all, an ex-marine and he is owed respect for that if for nothing else.

With mixed feelings,
Glenn B


The Hermit said...

The guy betrayed the Marine Corps in the end, and I think he was just a sordid, self serving, publicity seeking megalomaniac. I rejoiced when I heard he was dead.

The Hermit said...

I see you are a Fed.

Your background would appear to be similar to my brothers, although he was always state and not federal.

Glenn B said...

Yeah, I agree he turned bad somewhere along the way once in politics but I have to respect him, the old him from bygone days, for the time he spent as a Marine serving our country. That does not mean I respected him while he was in Congress. I think he made it obvious that he was not worthy of my respect while he was in the House. He was certainly worthy of my disdain while a Congressman and that is all he got from me while in Congress. Still though I have those mixed feelings only because he served our country as a Marine and that is virtually all that keeps me from finding joy in his death - well that and maybe some sympathy for his family.

I am sure though that many are rejoicing already. As for me, I'll let some time pass and then say whoopee - not because he died but because he is out of Congress.

Now Jane Fonda - she would be another story - there will probably be joy in my heart when she passes.

all the best,
Glenn B