Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wolf Ammunition Company...

...apparently stands behind their products. Quite some months back, I bought a 1,000 round case of Wolf military Classic in 7.62x39 caliber from Sportsmansguide.com . It apparently was defective. After firing 100 rounds, I realized that many were having problems with the primers. I emailed Wolf Ammo asking them what to do, they asked that I send them some info. I mailed it to them as requested. Either they never got my letter or ignored. I forgot about it for several months. When I remembered it, I sent them another email reminding them of the problems. They sent me a UPS shipping label at their expense, and I returned the ammunition to them about 2 weeks ago, or a little less, yesterday. I received the replacement ammo last night. I am a little confused as to why I received only 800 rounds in the exchange when I returned 900 rounds to them. There was a fine razor cut in the box, later covered with tape, that could indicate some theft at UPS, but I do not know. I will have to contact Wolf to ask how many rounds they shipped to me. If they shipped more than 800, you can bet I will file a complaint with UPS and with the police; because that would mean someone had sticky fingers. Of course it may have just been a mistake at Wolf, maybe they counted 900 rounds when it was actually 800. If that is the case, I will ask for the other 100 rounds, but if they do not send them what should I do but let it slide since 100 rounds hopefully will not make or break me. I am hoping it was just an honest mistake and not a theft while in transit. I would hate for some dirtbag to be using my ammo!

Oh well, despite the count returned to me, my original point still stands that Wolf Ammunition stood behind their product. I was very pleased with how they handled their customer service, except for the short count, and I am none too sure that is their fault yet. Hopefully they will handle that as nicely if they made a mistake. I will certainly buy their products again in the future.

Now that I have the ammo, Brendan and I can have a blast with the SKS this weekend.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another Day In Paradise...

...is what I say to folks at work when they ask me how things are going. Actually work stinks, but it could be worse. I put up with it mainly because I need the money. I guess being eligible to retire makes things a little easier to handle. Yet, if you were to ask me about how I expect things to go at work tomorrow, I would say 'Another Day In paradise" and really mean it. Quarterly firearms qualifications are tomorrow, and for me that means a good day at the range. Not so good as when I was a firearms instructor, but at least good for a day. I'll be firing the Glock 19, the H&K MP5, and the 12 gauge Remington 870. That always makes for a good day.

Then for this Saturday, I have plans to go out east on Long Island to the Brookhaven Range with my son Brendan. I imagine we will shoot some trap, and then go to the rifle range and shoot the SKS and a few other rifles. That should make for an even better day. I have never enjoyed a shooting partner more than my son or daughter (or my wife the one time she shot). Making it a family day, even if only my boy comes along, is a very good thing indeed.

Getting in some shooting twice in one week will be wonderful too. I am truly looking forward to it. Safe shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B
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