Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Shared Lunch...

...with a stranger yesterday. Sure that could be a risk not worth taking, especially in the heart of New York City where you can run into all sorts of weirdos, vagabonds, hoodlums and scalawags.

Yet this guest was rather an amusing one, and had only a light appetite. He came, he ate, he ran flew. Of course, he and another two or three of his finely feathered friends stopped back a time or two more for a bit of lunchtime chatter and to grab another morsel. I was making, or about to make a quick call when I remembered the camera in the cell phone deal (therefor the poor quality shot, but a nice one anyhow), and I eyeballed this guy just as he was eyeballing the crumb (Cinnamon Raisin Bagel crumb, mind you).

Despite their flightiness, and their tiny appetites, they were the best lunchtime company I have had in a while. I was more than happy to share my lunch with them, and what are a few crumbs in the grand scheme of things? Not a lot to me, but maybe the world to a sparrow.

All the best,
Glenn B