Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Updated My Link List... other blogs that I think are worth a read. They trly all are either Grumps, Geeks or Geniuses, some are all three!

Newly added blog links are:

Ace of Spades HQ @

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Greybear's Gripes @

Cap'n Bob & The Damsel @

Enjoy them as I intend to do.

All the best,
Glenn B

It just dawned on me...

...that the major flaw in the thinking of liberals, especially those further to the left, is that while they really want to make things right, they can never agree as to what is right. So they just keep changing things, getting wackier and wackier as they become more and more liberal. As to liberalism, there is no bedrock for it to stand upon, there is no backbone with which to build itself up into a lasting, strong, and better way of living. This in brief is the essence of why a liberal way of thinking, a liberal slant on morality, a liberal stance on politics, will never ultimately succeed. Liberalism is simply self defeating; in the greater scheme of things it must fail eventually. That failure will come in the face of a realistic conservatism, one that is able to bend and change when it must, but yet that is built upon a sound constitution that truly protects the rights and liberties of the people from tyranny in any form.

All the best,
Glenn B

Who is/was Your Favorite President?

Being it is President's day weekend, I figured asking the above question was a good topic to ponder; and yes I do mean out of the U.S. Presidents, not any foreigners please.

I think my favorite was either Ronald Reagan, or Theodore Roosevelt. It is really difficult for me to decide between the two. Even though their politics were somewhat different - they were very much the same. Their love of the USA and their realizing the importance of being a patriotic American above all else were equal from what I can tell. Both were staunch supporteers of strong foreign policy and I like that immensely. Maybe Roosevelt has a bit of an edge in how much of an outspoken outdoorsman he was in that he hunted, shot, fished regularly; and in that he created many of the national parks, and protected many other natural areas. Of course when you think about it, Ronnie put a stop to the cold war, and brought the Soviets down, thereby protecting us all. Both of them knew how to keep our nation strong and face down our enemies.

So even though I asked you, who is/was your favorite president, here I am giving a double whammy type of answer. I can't help myself, they were both truly great Americans, and I think about the best presidents we ever had. I guess the only other one who comes very close would be George Washington if only because he probably had the toughest job of them all, his being the first. Of course there were other great ones, and other good ones, somebad ones and some terrible ones, but as for the best - those first two mentioned above are my picks. I feel quite privileged to have lived through the presidency of one of these men and to have voted for him too.
All the best,
Glenn B

Couch Potatoes Take Note:

This is, or should be, a sad day for couch potatoes everywhere. Robert Adler, the co-inventor of the television remote control has passed away. He lived a long life, passing at 93 years of age. That makes me wonder if a sedentary lifestyle may have prolonged his life, but then again I really have no idea if he was one of whom he helped to create - a couch potato. Well I have a bit of an idea, since in the article: Inventor of the TV Remote Dies, a, his wife is quoted as saying that while he did not watch a lot of television, he read an awful lot. He was in fact a pretty prolific inventor, and according to the article he had over 180 patents to his name, some with military applications, some with aero-space applications, and some with applications that directly effected just about anyone who watches television.

Without making a joke out of it, I should point out his place of death was in Boise, Idaho. Probably a fitting place for a couch potato farmer to pass. I guess it just an amazing coincidence that the man some claim is responsible for creating the couch potato, passed away in the state famous for its potatoes.

My condolences to his wife and other loved ones.

All the best,
Glenn B
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