Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Weeks And Two Days Of Work...

...ends at quitting time tomorrow. When I retired back in 2011, I did not expect to be working fulltime ever again (unless the job paid very well and was a no brain and no work position - but then I already had retired from the government so that was not about to happen). I have been working part-time, on call mostly with some advanced scheduling now and again, and probably have been averaging about 16 or 24 hours per week, since last August. For just over the past three weeks, I have worked every weekday while covering for a coworker who is on vacation. While having done so will be an okay boost for the pocket-book but I must say, I am happy I am not working fulltime for more than that. Getting up every morning at 0530 is for the birds - not me.

Going back to the part-time, on call, work is better than okay with me. I prefer having at least a couple of days per workweek, in addition to the weekends, to do whatever in Hades I want to do and there is no way to do that working fulltime. Retirement can be fun but not if you wind upon working full time except maybe at a rifle & pistol range, a mountain resort, or a... (I had best not mention my other choice I may get in trouble at home). 

Anyway, I am looking forward to my deliverance that will commence tomorrow at quitting time.

All the best,

Drip Dry

April showers and dips in the pool guarantee to get us all wet but this young lady seemingly has found a way to speed up drip drying when she doesn't have a towel handy:

I realize you probably have not noticed but if you look closely, you can see droplets of water falling as she bounces them.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Been All But Guaranteed I Would Not Vote For Lindsey Graham... a primary (if I could vote in the Republican primary but I have dropped out of the RINO party) and that I would not vote for him for the presidency. Who or what sealed that so nicely, so early, in the running? It was none other than former presidential hopeful (and everlasting super-RINO among RINOs) John McCain when he answered a question on whom he endorses for the presidency and said:

“Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham. First, last and always.” (source)

He also made me think I may have to support Rand Paul whom he vehemently opposes. I look at it this way - virtually anything John McCain says on domestic or foreign policy is absolute bullshit or at least questionable as such. He is, in my estimation, an ardent Obama arse-kisser and supporter who has been subverting the conservative base of the Republican party for a long time. I believe he fooled many by getting them to believe he was a conservative Republican based on his war record and on lots of  fast talk. Yet, I think it has come out in recent years, he is nothing more than a very liberal, leftist leaning, RINO.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A College Graduate From A State University Might Get My Vote For President...

...and I might even consider voting for someone without a college degree. I almost certainly will not vote for anyone who is a lawyer or has a law degree and would be reticent though to vote for another moron with a graduate degree from an Ivy League college. The truth is that every president subsequent to Ronald W. Reagan went to an Ivy league school, the most recent attending the cream of that crop - Harvard. Most of them were fairly moronic, even the better ones and some such as Obama, Clinton and G.W. Bush range from absolutely terrible, to very terrible, to fairly terrible respectively. Besides being a graduate of an Ivy League school, Harvard, the current arsehat also holds a law degree. More here.

My thanks and a hat tip to Peter Q. for the link to that article.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Winchester SXP Malfunction Video & Recall

Note: I wrote this post and found more info after writing it. That new info appears below in red.

I cannot attest to the veracity of what is seen in this video but I see no sane reason for anyone to fake it. If you own a Winchester SXP Shotgun, you should definitely contact Winchester to find out if there is a problem with them and if there is a recall and or a fix for the apparent problem shown in the video. Since the video was just published two days ago (of me posting this), you may want to check with Winchester now and then again in a month or two.

In the meantime, I would recommend not handling a Winchester SXP until you find out if this is an isolated incident or a problem affecting many guns. If you decide to handle your SXP, be extremely careful when and if you decide to do so.

This just goes to show the importance of practicing firearms safety when handling a firearm.


I do not know if the recall is for the same problem as seen in the video, it could possibly be for some other problem and the malfunction shown in the video could be something new. Anyway as far as the recall goes, Winchester offers more info here: 

and here: 

If you own an SXP, I strongly urge you to call them to determine if yours is part of the recall and to determine if the malfunction shown in the video is the same or different than the reason for the recall.

All the best,
Glenn B

Racial Profiling In Car Stops

It's amazing that the police make stops like this one, obviously only due to racial profiling:

All the best,

The Dog Owner Should Have Been Beaten... a bloody mess for leaving is dog behind resulting in the pooch's death. I am by no means a petaphile, but sometimes what people do to animals deserves a damned good beating. The only out I see for the car/dog owner in this decades old case would have been had the owner been disabled but I tend to doubt there were many disabled driver's in the 40s.

By the way, this The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse has always been my favorite film of a bridge being destroyed. Too bad for the dog though.

All the best,

Boat Carrying Reported 700 Potential Illegal Aliens Capsizes... the Mediterranean apparently on its way to Italy or another European nation (source).

Sometimes other people's misfortunes are a blessing to others and I am pretty sure that Italy did not need another 700 leeches sucking their already pathetic economy dry. Too bad those folks did not stay in their own country and truly work hard at bettering it and life there instead of fleeing adversity to try to live off of the hard work of others who are already suffering from financial and other hardships.

Is it wrong to say that Italy just got very lucky? Perhaps it might be looked at as crudely insensitive and ethically wrong to say it but the truth is the truth. I am not a bible thumper but I believe that there is merit to the saying: 'The Lord helps they who help themselves.' And brother believe me, that does not mean they who help themselves to what others have worked for and earned.

All the best,
Glenn B

New Style of Push-Up

The new method of doing push-ups does little to work out the arms or shoulders but apparently does wonders for the chest.

All the best,

Things I Trust More Than Hillary Clinton

Mexican tap water 
A rattlesnake with a "pet me" sign 
OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection 
An elevator ride with Ray Rice 
Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby 
Michael Jackson's Doctor 
An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
A Palestinian on a motorcycle 
A Jimmy Carter economic plan 
Brian Williams news reports 
Loch Ness monster sightings 
Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton

Gas station Sushi 
A fart when I have diarrhea 
A Nigerian money scam
A hat tip to Dennis McC for all that (except for that last one added by me).
All the best,
Glenn B

This Can Only Happen So Many Times...

...before the suspect who is confronting a law enforcement officer (LEO) seriously wounds or kills the officer or an innocent bystander. Restraint may be seen as the politically correct thing, the religious or moral high ground, the compassionate thing to do. However, when it comes to someone unlawfully threatening a person with imminent serious bodily harm or death, and if that person believed there was virtually no chance for escape from the threat, that person (in my opinion) should not hesitate to shoot or otherwise incapacitate the attacker by use of another form of deadly physical force.

I can understand that law enforcement officers are second guessing themselves and second guessing the intentions of the bad guys. If it is true though that the officer in this particular case would have been fully justified to shoot the suspect, then he probably should have done so in my estimation. As per Police Chief Randy Harvey that was the case:

"This video footage, it eliminated all doubt that this officer would have been justified if in fact it came to a shooting." 

But the officer said:

"I wanted to be absolutely sure before I used deadly force."

Sadly, the only way to be absolutely sure that someone is going to use deadly force against you is to allow them to actually do so. So what the officer said, in my judgment, is that he possibly would wait until he is actually harmed, or at least shot at or attacked in some manner, before he fired back. The law (here in NY and in most states of which I am aware of self defense laws) does not require anyone to be absolutely sure before defending themselves with deadly force. You usually need to have a
reasonable belief or probable cause (or something similar depending on how the law is written) to believe that you are being threatened with imminent serious bodily harm or deadly force - no law I have ever seen relative to use of deadly force in self-defense or defense of a third party states that you must be absolutely sure of anything.

It's nice that the officer did not get hurt, it's nice he did not have to shoot anyone; its nice he has a clear conscience and does not have to live with weighing his decision whether he was right or wrong, to maybe have killed a man, for the rest of his life; it's nice the suspect was not injured or killed. It's all wonderful this time because this time the officer's guess, that flew in the face or reason, was right. God bless him for making the right call and let's hope it was because something indicated the suspect was not really about to attack and not because of being hesitant to use deadly force for no good reason. 

Perhaps all that gives some people that warm fuzzy feeling all over and that is all well and good. Bear in mind though, it is all well and good until the same officer, or another, is faced with the same decision, in a very similar set of circumstances when the suspect attacks and maims or kills the officer or an innocent third party because the officer hesitated or outright decided not use deadly force when it was justified. Using deadly force is a tough decision to be able to make but you must be able to make it when it is justified and called for and you must be able to arrive at that decision based upon probable cause or reasonable belief (whatever is required by law) if you want to survive. If you cannot base your decision upon probable cause, you should find another career. I am not saying this officer needs to seek new employment - please read what I wrote and not what you want to think I wrote. I am saying if you cannot do such - then you are not fit for LE work. This officer has to think about what happened and decide that for himself.

I am dead set against the excessive use of force by police or civilians. Yet, I also think it less than responsible not to use deadly force when it is justified. Why? Because, sooner or later, some other officer will probably do likewise and wind up regretting he did so, that is if he lives long enough. Not every suspect who charges you yelling "kill me" is trying to commit suicide by cop, some are taunting, some are daring, some are psychos, some are going to be trying to get you to second guess yourself to give themselves that split second advantage, due to your hesitation to defend yourself, that is all they need to kill you. I do not look forward to reading the story where that happens. So, if deadly force would have been absolutely justified in this case, as the police chief indicates, then I think it should have been used. The officer's decision though was his own, he is lucky he guessed right. Had I been in that situation as a LEO, I in all likelihood would have acted in another manner had I believed my life or the life of another innocent was in imminent danger. Remember, you do not need to wait until knowing for sure that deadly force is about to be used against you in order for you to use deadly force to defend yourself. You usually need reasonable belief or probable cause that such is imminent (and in some instances for civilians you also need to reasonably believe you cannot escape -  check the laws of your state or locality on what is required). Of course, if you do know for sure, you had best act quickly to defend yourself and any others so threatened. As it turned out the officer in question is being patted on the back and has been given high praise; sadly though, had he guessed wrong, he would have been carried on his back and given high praise too - at his funeral. It is a tough call to make but it has to be made if you want to live to see another day with any amount of certainty.

I foresee more stories like this one coming out since as of late LEOs have been under fire for excessive use of force. I think more of them are going to become trigger shy, at least the good ones who truly live up to their oaths of office and who do their jobs ethically and with respect for the law and the public at large. Note, I am not saying they should be trigger happy but an LE needs to be able to make the decision to use deadly force and needs to know that such a decision should almost always be based upon reasonable belief or probable cause as required by the law and not upon absolute certainty. The courts need to realize that too. Every time LEOs shoot someone they need to be held accountable under the law and rightly so but lately they are held accountable to a much higher degree than even the law provides for because they are being held accountable to the whims and second guessing of the political correctness of: politicians seeking to use anything they can to their own advantage,  race baiters, malcontents, police-haters, anarchists, ambulance and hearse chasing lawyers, and other opportunists of the moment who are more than ready and willing to take advantage of an LEO shooting a suspect even if it was undeniably justified. You only have to look the recent events of Fergusson, MO to see that. 

Of course, there are also way too many cases of police involved shootings wherein the officers use excessive force and were not justified in using doing so. Prudent and just application of the law though is what is required to address those situations after the fact; there is no call for the lynch mob mentality that we have witnessed all too often. BUT - there must be prudent and just application of the law in each and every case and it must be transparent and completely open to public review. If we hung the bastards who resort to deadly force when not called for under the law, whether a LEO or not, and praised and rewarded those who use it, LEO or not, to justifiably stop a deadly threat, we would be much better off as a society.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Planet Of The Apes May Not Be That Far Off

The apes in the movie Planet of The Apes hunted men and used guns, cudgels, whips, nets and other weapons to do so. It all seemed pretty far fetched but made great science fiction. The thing is, it evidently is not all science fiction, at least regarding apes using weapons to hunt.

A troop of chimpanzees, in Senegal, has been found to make and use spears to hunt animals on which they prey. They have been observed doing it for many years. It makes me wonder if a real life Planet Of The Apes is not all that far in the future as it was in the movie. More info here:

All the best,
Glenn B

Nearly Half of Israelis Believe Another Holocaust Is Possible

Almost half of all Israelis believe another Holocaust is possible. That is according to survey results made public just before Holocaust Remembrance Day which was two days ago (source).

I find that absolutely astounding in today's day an age. How could that possibly be in today's world of rampant beheadings of those of other than Islamic beliefs based only on their faiths,  incessant calls for jihad, violent protests in which all of the protestors - up to tens of thousands of them - are Muslims (such as after the posting of the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammad) fatwas posted against Jews, Christians and others on a daily basis, the advance of ISIS with the destruction of Israel as one of their goals, the goal of Hamas to destroy Israel, the repeated and almost daily calls for the destruction of Israel by various other Islamic groups including the state of Iran, the U.S. snubbing Israel again and again despite Israel being one of our staunchest allies in the Middle East? What I am asking is not how it can be that so many believe it could happen again but how is it that apparently so many do not believe it could happen again!

If only half of all Israelis believe it could recur then that obviously means that more than half believe otherwise. That is truly astounding and very troublesome in my mind. It makes me wonder how people can bury their heads that far up their own arseholes as to not see the light of day ever when it comes to their own welfare. The only thing positive, in the fact that nearly half of all Israelis believe another Holocaust is possible, is that the numbers are up from last year, so some folks must have pulled their heads out of their arses.

Me, I truly find it difficult to grasp the fact that less than half of all Israelis believe another holocaust is possible. In fact, I believe that if nothing drastic is done to prevent one, another is going to be carried out in the not too distant future. If it does not happen in my lifetime then it will take place during the lifetimes of my my children.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's A Glorious Saturday... least near where I live. The sun is shining, it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no wind of which to speak and it is a day to enjoy. How would you spend a day like that - fishing, hiking, bike riding, out shooting?

As for me, I am going to clean up my yard and gardens; try to level, or at least raise up, a low spot in my backyard; spread some cow shit in my gardens; plant some flowers; and get some other yard work done. Maybe I'll even mow the grass, replant the front lawn, and spread some grass fertilizer and bug killer.

I know, I could be at the outdoor range getting in some fine shooting today but it just ain't gunna happen - not today and probably not tomorrow which is promising rain. At least I can get some sun today and that will be a good thing.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Friday Night - After A 40 Hour Work Week...

... for me, and add to that a 40 hour work week the week before and 16 hours the week before that and consider the fact that I had gout last week and the week before and all I can say is: Guess what the fuck I am doing tonight since the gout has not bothered me all this week! I started off with a shot or two of moonshine and am enjoying the last few sips of a Golden Monkey Tripel Ale (9.5% alcohol, 1 pint 9.4 fluid ounce) and will soon open another of those ales (and have another dollop of moonshine or three) to celebrate the weekend of goutless, booze consuming, freedom from the bullshit at work. Too bad I can not afford to just stay work free and booze plenty - I think I would enjoy life more, at least until I wound up with cirrhosis of my liver, if I could make it financially without work and just drink as much as I wanted. Seriously though, I would much prefer to be able to make it without working even if it meant drinking less, well maybe a bit less than I do now. Work sucks at this stage of life.

All the best,
Glenn B

Old Age & Smoking


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scandalized DEA Agents Face Minor Repercussions

The administrator of the DEA, Michelle Leonhart, told a House committee that she could not fire agents who allegedly had:

1) Allowed prostitutes onto government (as in our government) leased property, that property being the quarters of the agents while on assignment in Colombia.

2) Had sex with those prostitutes, in the above government leased property, at sex parties which were funded by a narcotics cartel (a fact of which it is claimed the agents should have been aware).

3) Left their firearms, official smart phones and computers in the care of  corrupt foreign police while they were engaged with prostitutes.

4) These parties took place over the course of several years.

5) Had upwards of 15 to 20 such parties (although it is not clear if the same agents were at each or the parties or even if some were at more than one).

6) Used government money do so.

(Source of the above.)

I am no prude; in fact, I don't think anyone would have to be fired for soliciting sex with a prostitute while off duty stateside or maybe even while abroad and off duty. (I am quite the Libertarian on that issue, I don't think the government has any business restricting the world's oldest business.) Yet, to participate in these sex parties and have narcotics cartels pay for them and to leave your weapons and other government property like smart phones and computers in the possession of corrupt foreign officials (who easily could have compromised the information on them) and to somehow use government money in all that is beyond the realm of professionalism and more than hints of negligence, and possibly criminal negligence, in ones duties. 

So, I kind of am wondering, which higher up DEA managers, or administrators, or maybe even higher up folks like Obama Administration bureaucrats or politicians also partook of these orgies (imagine the government is calling them sex parties). It seems almost to beg the question of who else must have been involved when Michelle Leonhart reportedly is trying to get us to believe she cannot fire any of the agents involved and can only give them a 2 week suspension. A slap on the wrist like that, with all the agents keeping their jobs and not facing other serious repercussions and keeping their salaries and pensions intact, certainly might at least hint at said punishment amounting to nothing more or less than hush money.

All the best,
Glenn B.

Is It Jealousy...

...or just that look that accompanies out an out lust?

All the best,


These Motherfuckers Destroy Anything They Want...

...aad Obama stays mum about it and uses pretty much the least force against them possible in trying to stop them. (Then again, is he really trying to stop them???) Yet, if any non-Muslim burned a q'ran or used some of the pages of one to wipe his arse, and posted the video on YouTube, Obama would be all over the news blaming that person for all the violence that would be sure to ensue and that would most certainly have been committed by Muslims.

These so called Islamic extremists killing rampantly and destroying humanity's artifacts are poor excuses for syphilitic pigs in my estimation and those who tolerate their actions are not much better. They need to be stopped and stopped soon or they will eventually destroy all of humanity's artifacts and destroy all of humanity itself other than themselves (and may do that too sooner or later). Sadly, leftist politicians seem all to ready to give them the capability of attaining the ultimate destructive power in the form of nuclear energy and eventually nuclear weapons. Once they have them, all is lost.

All the best,
Glenn B


Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

...the crocuses have bloomed and already disappeared until next year, the tulips are well above ground (no flowers yet), other plants are sprouting in the garden, the forsythias are budding as well as some of our trees and the weather sure has gotten a whole lot warmer than it was a month or two or so ago. It felt so warm out there today (and was only in the mid 60s at best) it was virtually a summer's day. It would seem that spring already having sprung has put a spring in her demeanor and brought out the summer fashions early.

All the best,

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Only One Twitter Trend Higher Than Hillary's Announcement...

...that she will run for the presidency and that would be the Twitter trend:


That my friends, is excellent news.

I am not a member of Twitter but am beginning to see it could have its positive aspects after all.

All the best,

Germanwings Bomb Scare - Here Come The Kooks

It is really sad and pretty fucking disgusting that assholes resort to doing things like calling in bomb scares as someone apparently did today relative to a Germanwings flight from Cologne to Spain (source). What makes it even worse is that this come on the heels of the Germanwings disaster during which all lives aboard that flight perished.

I sometimes find myself wishing that scumbags, like the person responsible for today's bomb scare, could be subjected to old-time vigilante justice. It's something a good beating or three probably would prevent from recurring.

All the best,
Glenn B 

You Get More Than You Pay For Sometimes

As you may or may not be aware, besides being a shootist and gun rights lover, I am an avid reptile & amphibian keeper. I keep critters like Bearded Dragons, Crested Geckos and Hermann's Tortoises among others. I also keep some aquatic or semi-aquatic species of herps to include some False Map Turtles and my latest acquisitions - three Iberian Ribbed Newts. I keep some fish in with the turtles and newts and have one tank dedicated to only fish (and some snails and Ghost Shrimp).

I have been perusing the available selection of air pumps lately figuring a couple of my tanks, on the same pump, could use a stronger one that I currently have. Then today, when I went to the monthly meeting of the Long Island Herpetological Society (my local herp society), a friend/member dropped off a Profile 9500, dual output, adjustable flow, air pump with another friend/member. I took one look and said I could use that and that I would give a $5.00 donation to the LIHS for it and it was mine. It was in as new condition in  scuffed-up box. I think it was taken out of the box, plugged in to see if it worked and then put back into the box and left that way.

I just hooked it up to the two tanks in need of a stronger pump than the one I had on them. I am amazed at the amount of air it spews out. The air stones inside my tanks had not much more than a trickle of air coming out of them and the two internal box filters, one in each tank, were bubbling steadily but on the slower side. Once the new pump was hooked up, the air-stones were bubbling like a pot of water on the boil and the internal filters looked to be on overdrive. I had to tone the flow control down to what would appear to be about 25% output to set it to my liking. To say I am happy with my purchase is an understatement.

I did some checking on the Internet. I could only come up with one place currently selling this model. It appears that not only has this pump model been discontinued but I am guessing the company either went out of business or changed its name as I could find no products from them offered online. The place that had it listed was selling it for $26.99 and another site that showed it as discontinued said it had retailed for $29.99. Had I been able to buy it locally, with tax, I would have paid about $32.58 for the higher listed price. I guess sometimes you get more than you paid for, even when doing it honestly. I think I'll have to throw at least another $5 to the LIHS as a donation. Hopefully the company did not go out of business because these fall apart in a month and I also hope it will last me at least a few to several years.

All the best,
Glenn B

Today In History - The Halifax Resolves - First Offical Call For Independence

On April 12, 1776, the colony of North Carolina authorized it's delegates, to the First Continental Congress, to vote for independence by way of the Halifax Resolves. This was an important step because for the first time in the history of the American colonies, the recommendations found within in the Halifax Resolves were not directed at a single colony but at all of the American colonies combined. Virginia soon approved similar measures and as you are aware, or certainly should be aware, on July 4, 1776 - the Declaration of Independence became this country's birth certificate of sorts and our first legal document as a free nation.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Miss Hula-Hoops

She is very good at it, don't ya think?
All the best,

I Think I Am Going To Sell A Gun Or Three...

...out of those among my meager collection. I have no idea yet which one(s) to sell but could certainly use the cash. Of course, when I think of those from which I would be willing to part, only the clunkers come to mind. A bit more thought makes me realize, I just used the wrong word because I have no clunkers - it is just that when thinking of selling anything some older guns in good condition but of little value come to mind first and foremost as those to which I would only slightly begrudgingly say adieu. Alas, selling one or even two of them, maybe even three (if I have that many like that) would produce only an iota of the cash for which I am strapped. Decisions, decisions, decisions. All I can think is:

You cursed brat of an addiction! Look what you've done! My brain is melting, melting! Oh, what a world! What a world - with such decisions, decisions, decisions! Who would have thought a good little amount of debt like mine could destroy my beautiful gun collection! Oooooh, look out! It's going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!

Really now, I do need to think of something or other to sell. I have been wondering, what should it be! Along those lines, I pulled up my firearms inventory and realized - oh shit - I haven't updated my inventory since around 2012 and even for back then it did not look complete. I would have sworn I did a count of each one I had not too long ago but time flies as they say and guns sure do seem to have a habit of accumulating. So now, before I can even consider selling a thing, I find myself tasked with doing a firearms inventory to find out exactly what I still have, or have gotten new since, or don't have any longer, since I compiled the last one. Maybe it would be a good idea even if I don't decide to sell any of them. It would most likely be good to know exactly which firearms I own in the event of a theft, a fire, or some other catastrophe that might damage or destroy them and also not a bad idea to know just to be aware of what I have around. Heck, I might even find something I forgot about that is fun to shoot and will have to take it to the range. Still though, I would have sworn I did this not that long ago, it irks the hell out of me that I cannot find the inventory file, for the inventory I think I did, on my laptop.

All the best,

PS: Eureka! I found a more recent inventory of my firearms; well, let me say inventory of sorts because while it lists all of my guns it does not show serial numbers. I made up a list for firearms maintenance purposes when I gave the guns a really good going over and cleaning back in April and also last June. I guess the little grey cells were not as confused as I was beginning to think they may have been there for a moment. Perhaps it would still be an excellent idea to do a complete inventory just to make sure I got them all and to write down the serial numbers and other pertinent information for all of them.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Brace of Glocks

I have never thought Glocks all that good looking as far as pistols go, that is until now.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another Candidate For The Walking Dead

Recently, I wrote up a post about my candidate for the next character to be added to The Walking Dead as a kickass zombie fighter and a good looker at that. I included a photo of an Asian babe that someone said reminded him of a ladyboy (yikes). So, I have picked yet another candidate for inclusion in the show as a long term member of the group.
I think she has some of the necessary attributes but can't figure out why in Hades she has on a set of shooting muffs. Sort of ruins the mood created by the feisty looking young model. At least this one cannot be confused by the confused for a ladyboy (at least I think not). She may or may not be Asian but she would do nicely regardless of that. I also like the get-up (except for those shooting muffs) and I love the nuke em  until they glo-green shotgun shells.

All the best,