Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Puttered Around Today With This And That... the garden and with the upgrade to Windows 10 and may even start painting the basement walls this evening after dinner. For the most part though, I have not don much. It's just too darned hot outside to do the weed pulling that needs to be done. I may wait until around 9 or 10 PM tonight for that. I won't use Roundup though; I used that crap last year and was very careful to avoid getting it on my Japanese Maple Tree but the tree had several branches die off right after that regardless of my having been careful. I think the runoff with the chemicals in it got to the tree roots. It's doing okay now but is nowhere nearly as nice as it had been before that.

Anyway, here is the sentiment for the day at 95 degrees and about 30% humididity:

Stay cool and un-sober for the weekend (as long as not driving, shooting or doing other things during which it would be foolish o drink).
All the best,
Glenn B

Windows 10 Upgrade Completed

Well, it seems as if this time, after almost exactly 2 hours of upgrade time, the upgrade to MS Windows 10 has taken hold and the old laptop seems to be working okay. Of course, I have not turned it off since the upgrade completed about 6 minutes or so ago - so who knows for sure if it will reboot as it should. I am keeping my fingers crossed but am pretty certain it is okay since none of what I am seeing now happened last time. last time it just crashed and would not reboot. Now to get used to all the new and apparently very intrusive operating system. One of the first things I will be doing is to turn off as many of the Windows 10 snooping applications that I can turn off. Then I have to figure out if I want to disable MS Edge and use only IE or if I want to keep Edge running.

All the best,

MS Windows 10 Upgrade Attempt In Progress

Wish me luck with this please. The last time I attempted to upgrade to the MS Windows 10 operating system, my laptop crashed miserably. It took me many, many, many attempts (at least most of a day if not days) before I was successfully able to restore it to operating condition. I would like to install the upgrade and am trying again after first making sure that everything on the laptop has been updated with the most recent drivers, creating recovery disks, and after doing a backup to a portable hard drive. According to the first step of the upgrade, it says my laptop is compatible with MS10 but that also is what it said the last time. Hoping for the best.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 22, 2016

Potato Vodka... Crystal Light lemonade is nice at a ratio of about 4.5 ounces of vodka to 14-15 ounces of lemonade. Three of them tends to make one rather mellow on a hot summer night. Not that I would drink three of them, just saying is all.

All the best,

The Job Search Continues

Over the past three weeks or so, I have applied for about 15 jobs (maybe even 20). I heard back from one, they said I was not qualified for some reason or another that they had not listed as a requirement in the announcement for the position but mentioned when they said I did not have the qualifications (truthfully, I was over qualified for that one). I also got called in for a single interview. Not a word was forthcoming from anyplace else where I applied.

As for the interview, that took place yesterday. I got a haircut the day before to make sure I looked very presentable @ $20.00. Yesterday, I got up at 0600 and donned a conservative dark gray suit, a white dress shirt, and nice conservative tie. I was out of the house at 8 and walked a mile to the Long Island Rail Road from where I took a train into Manhattan. The one way ticket was $11.50. When I got to Penn Station, I took the NYC subway downtown to the appropriate stop, another $2.50or maybe $2.75. I

 arrived at the interview location about 10 minutes early. I went to the third floor as instructed and was escorted to the second floor - go figure. I waited in the interview room for about 5 to 7 minutes. I was interviewed by two women for a grand total of 4 minutes at most, maybe it was only 3 minutes. I was not asked for either my résumé nor my armed guard license nor my pistol license - all of which it was highly stressed I bring with me. I was told about several openings in NY City but not one word about the job that I had put in for on Long Island. The available jobs were not even the same as the one for which I had applied. Then I was told that if the boss was interested in me, I would be called back for another interview. I graciously said thanks, told them to have a nice day and a nice weekend, and left.

On the way out, I was approached in the hallway by a black lab that had been roaming the office. It was sniffing at me intently. I said hi to the dog and stopped to see if it was amenable to being petted. It was not, it just sniffed a bit more and turned away.  The interview was for an armed security job, one of the jobs they offered me was as a canine officer to handle a bomb sniffing dog that I would have to shelter in my home. I guess the lab hit on the Glock 26 I had on my hip but who knows, maybe it was just curious as to who was the guy in the suit on a 90+ degree day. I just told the dog to have a nice day and walked out the door. I really meant it when I said it to the dog. I do not expect to hear from them again about a job offer.

I had to pay another $2.50 or $2.75 for the subway, another $8 and change for the LIRR (an off peak ticket as opposed to a peak ticket on the inbound trip) and went home but only after having lunch with a former co-worker and friend. Lunch with my pal was enjoyable, we had a lot of catching up to do. I am very happy I decided to call him to see if he was in his office and available for lunch.

About the interview: I have to wonder, why the fuck did I even bother calling them back to arrange it. It seems to have been a waster of money and time. My guess is they thought I was too old but who can tell. Even their fucking black lab was not very friendly. Anyway, I am still looking for a new job.

All the best,
Glenn B

This Is One Of The Most Baffling Shootings...

...that I have ever heard about. Police are now claiming that the officer(s) was or were shooting at the guy sitting there. That would be the autistic man who as holding a toy truck. Yet, they fired multiple shots and hit the other guy, the one they had ordered down on the ground and who seemingly had his hands raised in the air AND who had explained to the police that the man sitting next to him was autistic, escaped from a care center, did not have a gun, had a toy truck and was not a threat (source).

Bang-bang, shoot-shoot; happiness is not always warm gun! Folks, if you are going to shoot someone, you had better assess the situation and determine shooting is justified before you shoot.

All the best,
Glenn B

Cruz Went Way Beyond Kasich

Let's face it folks Governor Kasich proved himself a piss pants whining spoiled brat when he stayed in the running for the Republican presidential nomination while not standing any possible chance of winning it except by what in essence would have been cheating. Then he continued to show his true colors by refusing to attend the Republican National Convention. I guess though that was to be expected after his childish, rotten child at that, behavior during the months leading up to the convention.
Cruz, on the other hand, seemed like a responsible adult for the most part during the debates and all of the months leading up to the convention. Once things were seriously underway, I for one had thought him the best choice among all the candidates for the Republican nod. Then though, it became obvious that the voters overwhelmingly preferred Trump and that Trump would come out on top. In other words, there was not a chance for any other Republican candidate to come even close to the amount of votes he had garnered. What was a responsible person, who definitely would not vote for or in any way assist Hillary Clinton, to do? It was obvious the answer was: Support Donald J. Trump for president.

It did not matter if you were once Trump's rival, it did not matter if you platforms were different, it did not matter that you liked or disliked Trump, it did not matter if it was personal and Trump had insulted you - what mattered was that you had to do, were obliged to do, were compelled to do what was best for America. By the time of the convention, that was to support Trump 100%. Ted Cruz thought otherwise and he got up on stage and showed how little of an American he was by refusing to endorse Donald Trump. He showed himself to be in essence a sniveling little brat boy and did that the very next day when he came out and tried to defend his failure to endorse Trump by talking about his own personal issues that he had with Trump, basically saying he could never endorse anyone who had insulted his family. This from a man who had been running for the nomination as the Republican candidate for the presidency - his feelings were hurt and thus he could not do what was right!
Let me tell you something about America and loyalty to her. I worked in the federal government for 32 years. I (and every other federal law enforcement officer) took an oath, more than once, and was sworn thusly (or very similar to it): 

'I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.'

Ted Cruz, a U.S. Senator who also swore to defend and uphold the very same Constitution by way of a very similar oath of office, was more concerned about his personal feelings when it came to Donald Trump's nomination than he was about defending the Constitution from a want to be tyrant the likes of Hillary Clinton. Let's face it - Cruz would have run against her had he won the nomination and he would have done so vehemently but he did not win it. Yet, for Cruz and any Republican, Conservative or freedom loving American citizen, the utter defeat of Hillary Clinton in her bid for the presidency and protecting America should remain the primary goals in this election. Cruz was too small of a person to see that and decided that his feelings were more important than the future of the United States of America. What he did, when he failed to endorse Trump, was to assist Clinton in her bid to become president. Because of that, I am certain that I could never, and I do mean never, support Cruz should he run for the presidency again at some time in the future. Since his life, his loyalty, his politics seemingly are ruled by such petty emotions, in the face of the protection of our Constitution and of our country, how could I or anyone do anything but oppose him. Damn, he sounded like our nemesis, he sounded like Hillary Clinton making excuses as she always does.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Lucky Police Officer & Maybe One Not So Lucky

So there was a probably mentally deranged man or wrong doer on a city bus in Oklahoma City and the guy was making trouble and trying to keep the bus driver from stopping at any stops. The bus driver finally has had enough and orders folks off of the bus; I am guessing his timing had to do with seeing police officers on the street where he stopped or quite possibly the police had pulled over the bus. (I found it difficult to readily understand the suspect but it sure sounded to me as if he mentioned the police in his rant to the driver once or tree times.) The people get off and the driver then tells a police officer on the sidewalk that this is the guy indicating the trouble maker. The officer draws her weapon and advances on the suspect. You watch it and someone please explain to me why she offered him her gun to be taken from her - anyway it sure looks that way to me.

It must have looked that way to the bad guy too because he dropped the fire extinguisher that he seemingly tried to throw at her and then lunged for her pistol. They wound up in a life or death struggle with the officer evidently screaming in panic for her partner as her gun possibly fires. Her partner gets on the bus, pistol drawn, and tries to take aim at the suspect, cannot do so, the female officer and suspect fall to the floor with her on top, the male officer closes in and pulls his partner off of the bad guy and fires a several shots at him until the guy stops moving and thus is no longer a threat.

I am not sure why the female officer drew her service weapon. I am not faulting her in any way for having done so; for all I know the guy was a fleeing murder suspect. That he had been fleeing from someone seems quite likely by his nervous actions, his possibly mentioning the police, his actions with the fire extinguisher for the police boarded the bus and by what he said to the bus driver about not stopping the bus. What I find hard to believe is that a trained police officer held her gun out in front of her one handed like that, then approached the suspect at close range, as if the gun was a magic shield. What is not surprising is that the suspect tried to take it away from her when it was held out like that. She was a lucky officer indeed to have held onto her pistol and more importantly to have been accompanied by another officer who readily took action to save her.

The truly messed up thing is now a guy is dead at the hands of an officer who did no wrong as far as I could see but who will almost inevitably be suspended, get grilled over and over again, possibly face a grand jury, question himself for years to come and suffer long term post traumatic stress. That post traumatic stress and self doubting will all come whether or not his department and prosecutors find his actions fully justified or not because you can bet that the officer did not get out of bed that day chomping at the bit while hoping to kill someone.

Edited at 1210 to Add: The suspect was reportedly suffering mental problems, his wife reportedly claimed he had been violent in the recent past, and he had reportedly just carjacked a car with two women in it, among other things, before getting on the bus. The incident took place in June and police recently released the raw video footage of the incident on the bus that led to him being shot by the officer (source).

All the best,
Glenn B

A Bad Summer For Police - Another Officer EOW

Sadly, for another police officer, it is End Of Watch at the hands of criminals. The police officer, who was shot yesterday while responding to a 911 call about a drive by shooting in Kansas City, KS, has died. Robert David Melton, 46, was a 17 year veteran of the police department. My thoughts and prayers for his family and loved ones.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Read This Long But Excellent Article About Modern Human Sacrifice

I just finished reading this tome of an article. I must say it was one of the most sensible things I have read when it comes to individuals like Obama or groups like Black Lives Matter or rich white liberals (and other leftists) blaming the white race for just about everything and then demanding a sacrificial someone to make their point. I suggest you grab a large beverage of your choosing before beginning. See:

A hat tip to John B who had the link on his FB page.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Birthday Mr. Peacemaker...

...or should I posthumously say happy birthday to the creator of the Peacemaker! Today is Samuel Colt's birthday. He was born on July 19, 1814 and died in January 1862. While he lived a short life, dying at 47, he certainly made a major impact on the world with his invention of the modern revolver. (No, he did not invent the revolver just the one that was used in modern times as opposed to an earlier flintlock version.)

More on Colt here.

Hat tip to Chris L for having a birthday wish to Colt on his FB page.

All the best,

Monday, July 18, 2016

Some Handicapped Folks Seem To Have A Lot Of Free Time...

... well, at least one of them or one of their supporters seems to have had some time to spare.

I guess he was parked in a handicapped zone.

All the best,

That Trump Picked Pence As His Running Mate...

...has me hopeful that Donald Trump truly has changed his stance on gun control versus the Right To Keep and Bear Arms. Mike Pence has a strong record in his support for the RKBA as can be seen on the page at this link:

Trump is looking better as each day goes by. I can only hope that he announces, should he be elected, he will be picking Newt Gingrich as his Secretary of War Defense or at least as Secretary of State.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Donation Was Long Overdue...

...but I made up for that today with one to Trump Campaign. It was not all that much, just a hundred bucks for now but I figure to give more over the next few months and hopefully will multiply the amount I gave today by 4 or 5 before it is all over. 

Anyway, if you are in the Trump camp, why not make a donation to help assure that he proverbially slays the beast known as Crooked Hillary. She most assuredly must be one of the Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yeah, I realize that in the bible there were only the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse but I figure that Clinton and her running mate are numbers 5 and 6 in that regard.

By the way, if you are one of the so called Republicans who say that Trump does not stand for what your party has stood for but yet supported Cruz you are a hypocrite because Cruz also was not in line with what your party stood for. The truth is that over at least the past two decades, the Republican party has been full of those who bowed down to kiss the arses of leftists and liberals and that was especially true during the past 7 years. Cruz was hated almost as much as was trump by the so called leaders of the RNC. The fact is that the voters within the Republican Party overwhelmingly voted to nominate Donald J. Trump for the reason that he does not sing the same old song as the RINOs have been singing for years. He sings a song that politicians in both major parties sang once upon a time - one about making America great. Sadly, neither the Democrats nor the mainstream Republicans of today sing that song anymore. Anything is better than them. I would have voted for Sanders had he run as a Republican against Clinton before voting for the likes of Kasich or Romney (remember some of you wanted to oust Trump and force in this boob) or Rubio or Bush or Christie (hugger and arse licker of Obama) or Fiorina or Santorum because at least he seemingly had some principles (until he caved to Hillary). Cruz - he was okay in my book and I even preferred him to Trump but he just could not light the fire and keep it burning in the hearts and minds of Americans who want to rid out government of weak kneed politicians who waffle back and forth like Boehner (imagine he calls himself Bayner and not Boner as would be the usual pronunciation, he is such a wussy) in the House or his pansy colleague McConnell in the Senate. And what about the boy wonder Paul Ryan kissing the libs' and Obama's arses as soon as he got into power! What a great bunch of RINOs we have had and continue to have in office and you guys oppose the man who wants to truly change all that! So, I am voting and donating to the Trump/Pence team; I not only want them to challenge the RINOs but to bring them down.

Now, for those of you worried that Trump may be a liberal, you should watch and listen to him at sources like YouTube and others. He espoused many conservative principles over the years regardless of how the media and the RINOs like to portray him. He was not a hard core conservative because yes he had some liberal leanings over the years but I am guessing he has changed with the times. Others have done likewise. In fact one of the best did it.

I remember that the greatest president of my lifetime, to date, had been an avowed Liberal and a Democrat in political office. He changed over to becoming a Republican and when he ran for the presidency, he twice had just about the highest amount of votes ever in the elections. Funny how his own party members doubted him back then when he first ran for the presidency saying much the same you say about Trump now with their fears of Reagan being a liberal and the leftists and liberals all said he was essentially a war monger who would start World War III. Yet, the people (as in the voters) overwhelmingly twice elected Ronald W. Reagan into office and they got it right when they did so - he was excellent for America and a true patriot. I believe Trump is also a true patriot and I hope he too will be excellent for America. So yes, I am voting for Trump because I believe he is the one who will make America great again!

All he best,
Glenn B

He Is One Bad Assed Man...

...even though my guess is that he does not think so about himself. To say that he was brave, even courageous, under conditions that would have made most other men flee is a gross understatement. He was more than that, he was and remains a true American hero, or should I say he was an under-acknowledged hero at least until today. He acted with bravery and unselfishness, in fact with true heroism, in May 1967 when, at the Song Tra Cau riverbed, he flew in reinforcements and supplies to U.S. troops pinned down in a raging battle zone and then flew out wounded troops. Despite his helicopter being hit, he remained until all troops and equipment were offloaded and until as many wounded as could fit were loaded onto his Huey. He returned to base, offloaded the wounded, took on more supplies and then repeated the same trip. That second time, he landed right in the middle of enemy fire. His gunner was severely wounded and his Huey was badly damaged. He was again able to offload completely and load up with wounded troops and despite his helicopter having been badly damaged he made it back to base. 

Later in the day, he again volunteered to make the same trip yet a third time. He took the last remaining flyable helicopter in his unit and accompanied by 5 other evacuation helicopters from other units he returned to the same battle zone. They were going in to retrieve the 40 remaining troops and a crew of 4 from a downed helicopter from earlier in the day. They were supported by Army gunships.

At the battle zone, he was informed by another pilot that all of the troops had been loaded onto the helicopters and they departed the area. While in flight back to their base and relative safety, he was informed there were still 8 soldiers who had not made it onto the evacuation ships. He relinquished command of the evacuation to another pilot and turned his Huey back toward the fray. Without any support at all from gunships, he landed his lone helicopter in the midst of the battle zone once again and immediately came under very heavy enemy fire. His helicopter was, in essence, all the enemy had to fire upon. It took heavy fire and sustained heavy damage including from a mortar round that damaged the helicopter badly with damage to the main rotor and tail boom among other areas. Despite that, he was able to maintain the stability needed to load the 8 soldiers aboard. Then, regardless of the damage to the aircraft, he somehow maneuvered through the enemy fire and returned to the relative safety of their base (source).

That he did it once was brave, that he did it twice was courageous and both times with air support. That he did it a third time and alone - with no support at all - was truly heroic and far above and beyond the call of duty. How he only received the Distinguished Service Cross back then seems almost unfathomable. Today though, about 49 years after his actions, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles (U.S. Army, Ret.) received our nation's highest distinction, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during that resupply and evacuation mission during that battle in the Vietnam War in May 1967 (source). I think it was an honor long overdue for one bad assed man among men. Even though I think him bad assed and a hero, Lt. Col. Kettles appears to be quite humble about it all. In fact, he said that the medal was not his but belonged to the other pilots and crew members who had been involved that day: "I didn't do it by myself. There were some 74 pilots and crew members involved in this whole mission that day, so it's not just me," (source).

Kettles has been quoted as saying something about that day that also tells a lot about himself: “We got the 44 out. None of those names appear on the wall in Washington. There's nothing more important than that.” While he says we, instead of referring only to himself (as all to often does the president who hung the medal from his neck) the thing is, when doom imminently was upon the last eight men stranded on the ground, it was Kettles alone who turned his helicopter back. He flew into the face of almost certain death to save them and he did so without air, artillery or ground support. Yes, I think, it is him who deserved that medal more than anyone that day! Americans should honor him and be proud that we have men like him among us.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 17, 2016

One Of The Reasons Police Are Mistrusted... many Americans of all races, creeds, ethnicities and so on is because in their zeal to do their jobs safely, they sometimes overlook the law. Take for instance the head of the police union in Cleveland, OH who just requested that open carry laws be arbitrarily suspended by the governor. Governor Kasich's reply was that he could not do so because in essence it would be a violation of state and federal law (specifically to Ohio's open carry law and to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution). So what was the reply of Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association? According to one report (source), it was this:

""I don't care what the legal precedent is, I feel strongly that leadership needs to stand up and defend these police officers..."

Get it, apparently Mr. Loomis is saying it is okay for there to be an open carry law in effect - that is unless police officers are at risk and then no matter what the law says the law should be  ignored to protect police officers. If that is not the stereotypical 'Us Against Them' syndrome showing itself in the light of day then nothing is it. It is sad that the president of a PBA would think that way regardless of the fact police officers are sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution and that they too are supposed to obey the law like everyone else. Yes, it is also a shame we are suffering a huge amount of anti-police sentiment among certain communities and that such has evidently led to at least eight recent shooting deaths of police officers but unduly taking away the rights of American citizens is exactly what will make the situation worse. If not at the Republican National Convention, then somewhere else.

I understand that law enforcement officers in this country are under an immense deal of stress right now due to the recent shooting of police officers. Still though, that is absolutely no reason to take the law into their own hands or demand that Ohio's governor do so. Anyway, so what if they did prevent open carry during the convention? If some people wanted to bring weapons to the vicinity of the convention and then use them illegally in an act or acts of violence, would an edict saying 'no open carry allowed' prevent them.

The PBA president might have been better off asking the governor to deploy, or at least have on high alert, the state's National Guard. Then again, maybe what should be done, if violence breaks out, is to allow the expected 20,000 Bikers For Trump, Black Panther members, Black Lives Matter members and white supremacists to shoot it out and then for the police to step in (just wondering not really thinking that is a good idea). Really though, the police should have the support of the governor, the mayor of Cleveland, the fire department with water canons at the ready, the National Guard with weapons at the ready, their own department with proper planning and weapons at the ready and their own states citizenry - instead of alienating the citizenry by trying to disarm them.

All the best,
Glenn B

Has A War Against The Police Begun...

...or maybe it is a race war? It certainly seems to be a fact that the group Black Lives Matter has gotten what many of it members have been calling for and that is the death of police officers. First five gunned down dead in Dallas and now at least two killed today and several others shot in Baton Rouge (source). The video is reportedly actual coverage of the shooting as it took place.

If it is another black shooter, following the apparent racist agenda of Black Lives Matter or in any way claiming to support them, then I must arrive at the conclusion that it is at the very least a war against police officers. If all of the shot officers were white and were targeted not only because they were police officers but because of their race, then I will have to think it is also a race war. If the latter, I think that civilians taking certain precautions may be in order and I do mean civilians of all races because none of the law abiding citizenry needs to get caught up in these racially driven anti-law enforcement hate crimes. Of course, as far as the police go, they need to take those precautions every day that they go to work, it is the nature of the job as always being potentially dangerous; although lately, it seems much more so.

Thoughts and prayers going out to the officers and their families.

Update 07/17/16 at 2:29PM: It is now being reported that three officers were killed and another three were injured (source). One suspect reported dead, and up to two others being sought (source).

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Figured This Would Happen Here...

...but I was hesitant to say much about it lest I gave some scumbag terrorist type some sort of twisted motivation to go out and do it. Well, today it happened but in Nice, France and my guess is that any Islamist who watches the news probably has already been inspired by it (a recent edition of Inspire magazine called on Muslims to run down people with a truck). Right now it is being reported that at least 70 are dead and over 100 wounded because, and I am guessing here, a goat fucking worshipped of Allah has run a large truck into a crowd of French folks who were celebrating Bastille Day. One person, as reported by Fox News, says the driver exited the truck after mowing down the crowd and ten began shooting people. The truck was reported to have been loaded with hand grenades and guns (more here).

Hey president Obama, do you think it was a bible hugging, gun toting, patriotic Frenchman who did it or do you think it was a Muslim piece of shit bent on taking over the world in the name of Allah! Maybe it is about time that the people holding onto their bibles, guns and rights do something about it al here in America to prevent such a tragedy from taking place within our borders. Maybe it also is time to elect a president who sees reality for what it is and who has pledged to stop immigration of Muslims into this country, at least temporarily.

Then again, I wonder if maybe we are already beyond that point and if maybe it is time for someone to gun down 20 or 30 Muslims in the streets of Dearborn, MI or maybe if it is time for someone to blow up a large mosque full of Muslim worshippers. Please note, I am not condoning any illegal acts of violence nor hoping someone else carries them out; I am merely wondering if it is time for such. I truly believe that once the Muslim population in our country reaches critical mass it may well become too late to defend ourselves and that we may well need to resort to violence before that time in order to defend America against the scourge of Islam. I would hope there are other ways to handle it before then but if not then maybe violence is the answer. You see, while we may be able to save ourselves by closing our borders to Muslims before resorting to vigilante violence, it seems it is too late for France to close its borders.

Sadly, France brought much of this on itself. France has very restrictive firearms laws and has had very welcoming immigration laws. Its open borders policy for Muslims allowed a huge population of Muslims to settle therein and since then they have been spitting out children like rabbits. The French government welcomed all of that, in fact encouraged it. The Muslims in France (and most of Europe) are near to or have reached a critical percentage of the population and, as seen in the past, when they consider themselves to be rooted in a country in large enough mass, they take over that country by whatever means they see fit. Those means are often extremely violent. It has happened time and time again since the inception of Islam. The French people are not in a position to fight back as the great majority of them, except for the sadly ineffective police and military forces, are unarmed.

My prayers for the families of the deceased and for the wounded; my curse upon Islam and the Muslim pigs who commit such unwarranted acts of aggressive and illegal violence in the name of a heinous form of government pretending to be a religion. Religion of peace my ass!

All the best,
Glenn B

Painting Sucks...

...but luckily not too bad since  did not have to do a lot of plastering. I started painting the ceiling in my basement today, got a coat of primer on it so far. It's been a pain my arse and back since the basement is full of furniture, shelving units, critter tanks, a fridge, and whatever other junk I have down here. I say down here because the desk on which my laptop is sitting is in the basement. Maybe I should have cleaned out all the junk before starting, I suppose that would have made it easier but I have just been moving it from here to there and back again as I get each section of the ceiling done. It's been working okay so what the heck. One coat of paint and it should be finished.

I am debating on doing that yet tonight or waiting until tomorrow. Darned humidity today had the primer take an awful long time to dry. I guess I could get going again in a half hour or so but I am none to sure I want to do the whole cleanup thing again if and when I get the ceiling done later tonight. Not procrastinating, really I am not, just figuring it may be better for me to wait until the morning instead of starting again tonight and maybe not getting done until 10 or 11PM.

Yep, I think I'll wait until tomorrow; that way I can crack open a beer tonight.

Later 4 U,

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Thoughts For The Day On TSA And Islamic Terrorism

A friend of mine sent me this in an email:

"I  took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on eBay any more), tossed the 'Don't Tread on Me' flag and peeled the NRA sticker off the front door.  I gave the pit bull to my mother-in-law and stored my AK-47.  I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-ass Neighborhood Watch.
Instead  of all that silly stuff I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard.  Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you CAN buy on eBay) and ran it up the flag pole.  Now, the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching my house 24/7.  I've NEVER felt safer and I'm saving $69.95 a month that ADT used to charge  me.

Plus, I bought burkas for my family.  When we shop or travel, everyone moves out of the way and security can't pat us down.
Hot Dang! Safe at last!  Is America getting  greater every day or what?"

I read that and immediately had this thought:

Wouldn't it be excellent if we could start a movement that would get people to show up, on just one selected heavy travel day, at US airports dressed in burkas. Even if only 10% of them showed up, I am betting the TSA might get the message to change their practices to those that make sense. If more than say 25% of travelers showed up dressed like that, airport security would be changed to a practical working model within a month maybe even within a week.

I then had a second thought and liked it better than the first:

Would it not be much better if we could get Americans of every extraction, other than Muslim, to show up at prayer services in mosques across our country on a selected date. Just imagine 20 or 30 Americans of various ethnicity, just not Muslims, suddenly removing their burkas in a mosque and all of them being burly mean motherfucking men - and that happening in several mosques in each state concurrently. Islamists would be shitting themselves wondering who was among them and when we would be attacking them instead of them attacking us.

A hat tip to Jim S for that email.

All the best,
Glenn B


Sunday, July 10, 2016

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Glenn B


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Recent Events Are Troubling

Both the police shootings of suspects and of course the assassinations of 5 Dallas Police Department officers are quite disturbing. They are disturbing to me but not necessarily for the reasons you may think them disturbing. Most of all though, I am disturbed by the apparent fact that the Dallas Police Department has appointed itself as executioner. In my 32 plus year career of federal law enforcement, I was taught and taught others, that when you use deadly force against an assailant, you do so until the threat has stopped. You did not use deadly force to kill but to stop; however if the death of the suspect resulted as a use of that force - tough shit for the suspect. Even though it could result in death, the use of deadly force by law enforcement always held the implication that the amount of force used was not overkill and allowed for some possibility that the bad guy might survive except in situations where you might be forced to use overwhelming force to stop him/her.

What the Dallas Police Department did though, as it seems to me right now, was prepared to use absolute deadly force on a suspect once they determined (without any oversight at all by a court or other agency) that executing the suspect was the thing to do. It is apparent that, in all likelihood, they had planned to use C4 (an extremely powerful explosive) and a robotic delivery and detonation system before the shootout in Dallas took place. How can I know this? Let's face it folks, the shootout did not commence and then suddenly, on their doorstep appeared, by mere chance, a supply of C4 along with a robot capable of delivering the C4 and already set up to detonate it. No, I think they must have planned for that well in advance of this incident and they were ready to use it, to become judge, jury and executioner at their whim.

Now you may think, wait a minute you just said there are exceptions and if the police were forced to resort to overwhelming force then so be it. Yes that is what I said but the difference in Dallas was that the police were not forced to do so, they chose to do so and made a decision that they would do so before this incident ever took place and that is why they had the robot with the C4 ready beforehand. You don't really believe they brought all that together at the last minute during a shootout do you? I sure don't.

I am no lily-livered pansy when it comes to using deadly force against bad guys. I have done it myself more than once. I just cannot fathom how anyone could condone the police taking it upon themselves to use an amount of force that not was probably guaranteed to kill a bad guy but that also had the potential to kill other innocents in the area by way of reckless abandon. That is exactly what I believe they did right now and I leave it to them to prove to me that I am wrong (which they my well do - who knows). At this moment though, I am fearful, very much so, that this will become a new trend among law enforcement - using bombs and other methods of overkill to execute bad guys while at the same time unnecessarily jeopardizing innocents.

All the best,
Glenn B