Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just A Quickshot Of A Wordy Thought I Had

Old Fashioned Family Fun

Listening To News About Bedbugs On The Car Radio...

...on the ride home from work tonight and I got goosebumps; not because I heard that the city I was driving through is infested by them but because I had my car's windows down. It was a chilly 68 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City Bed-Bug City at about 7:30 PM or thereabouts. Those little boogers must be thinking they need to move back to warmer climes.

That thought was pretty far from my mind though as I drove along at a decent clip with the cool air washing over me. Man does that feel nice after what so far has been one of the longest hot summers I can remember. Now if you think the heat has been brought about by man-made carbon emissions and other man-made factors - you may be very wrong. There is some compelling evidence to think otherwise and I point you here.

Of course, the bedbugs probably do not give a rat's bottom end over any of this hoopla called Global Warming, they just keep getting those free rides into various parts of our society by the human vermin who carried them here from abroad in the first place. Now they have spread so far they don't even need dirty illegals to give them a ride, they can hitch one with us. I think we ought to bring back DDT for a brief but brutal campaign against them (that is if DDT would be effective on them). Whatever we use it should have some clout to hit em fast, hit em low and hit em hard.

All the best,
Glenn B