Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Addition - A Face Not Even A Mother Could Love...

...but somehow a lizard lover certainly could become enamored over this mug. This my friends is the latest addition to my herp collection, albeit only a temporary guest among the many critters that inhabit or stopover at my home. I picked it up from someone who could no longer give it the care it needed, and promised to find it a good home and care for it until I did so. Well I have already found it a good person to care for it, in a home it will share with two others of its kind, but just have not had the chance to deliver it yet.

I guess that by now you must be wondering exactly what kind of lizard it is, that is if you don't know already. My guess is that some few of you may know, and others like Jungle Mom are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to find out, yet being grossed out every moment you spend staring at it. It is a Sudan Plated Lizard, or in the scientific lingo: Gerrhosaurus major.

They come from eastern and southeastern Africa (like The Sudan) and live in semi-arid grasslands, deserts, and rocky areas. Despite this one mugging it up for the camera, in nature they are quite shy and often spend great parts of a day hidden in termite mounds and animal burrows. They are fond of a variety of insects, bugs (like millipedes), fruits and some other vegetable manner. In general they are opportunistic omnivorous feeders. My guess is they would eat anything that crawled small enough for them to easily overcome, and also add whatever fruits they can devour to their diets in nature. They are not an endangered species, and are readily available in the pet trade. Most are wild caught individuals, and while usually easily acclimated to captivity - captive bred specimens would be the preferred type to keep. Most tame very easily, and become regular family type pets. Brief but specific care requirements can be found here: http://www.reptileallsorts.com/basic-spl-cs.htm.
Now I almost cannot wait for the next additions due on this Thursday - 33 Ball Pythons! I guess that is another story in the making.

All the best,
Glenn B