Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here Is An Excellent Price On 22LR Ammo...

...that is if you are the dealer who actually is selling any at the price. When a case of 5K Armscor 22LR ammo is selling for $1.00 per round, or in other words for $5,000.00 for a 5,000 round case, yes it is a price only a seller could love. Then again they may not love it since it is likely none of it is selling at that price.

That is the price as I found it at Ammo Supply Warehouse today, just minutes ago as I type. I imagine you will be able to see it yourself at this link, at least until they correct it. Yes, I am guessing it has to be a mistake. If it is not a mistake and they know something we do not about Obummer's upcoming gun control measures or about potential 22LR unavailability; well then, I stand to make some money on what 22LR I have in stock and still have a good amount left over.

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