Monday, March 26, 2018

Bozo Gone!!!

I have not been keeping up much with the news lately and how could you blame me since I am on vacation but I have been checking a bit now and then. Today's quick review of recent events in the news brought some sadness into my day; I just found out today about the passing of one of my childhood favorites - Bozo The Clown (aka: Frank Avruch). More at the source.

He was one of the top entertainers of children (and probably of many parents too) during my formative childhood years (yes I am as old as the dinosaurs but not yet quite as old as the hills). Bozo The Clown was a staple, a must watch and just downright wholesomely funny. I have never heard a peep alleging that Mr. Avruch molested children nor that he was a weirdo or criminal of any sort nor do I recall him spewing forth apolitical agenda of one extreme or the other (just try to even imagine any of that with a star today, especially one who entertains children). Even though he (Like many other things) became a part of my childhood lost to me long ago, how can he be forgotten - he will be missed.

All the best,
Glenn B

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