Monday, March 26, 2018

Ammo Deal Alert - Winchester 9mm NATO, 124 Grain FMJ

Bass Pro Shops has an excellent in store deal (at least in their Little Rock, AR store) on Winchester 9mm NATO, 124 grain, FMJ ammo at $10 per box.

Of course, you need to add tax which in the case of their Little Rock store is a whopping 9%! Regardless of the tax, I bought 18 boxes today. It would have ben an even 20 except for the fact I had bought three boxes of it there last week and knew I still had two on hand.

All in all - that is an excellent deal even compared to online pricing in light of my needs. I wanted to buy 500 rounds for my son and 500 for me. Had I bought it online at the least expensive price I could find - with shipping calculated in there, it would have cost a total of $110 to ship 500 rounds to me in NY and another $111 to ship another 500 to my son in AR for a total of $221. The total I spent on a thousand rounds at Bass Pro Shops, in the Little Rock store was $218.

"Such a deal, don't be a schmuck, by another case" is what a little 😈 voice inside my head keeps urging me to do. The thing is, if they were selling it in cases I might do it especially if I had some spare cash, which I do not. As it is, they do not have it in the cases and I do not need another 20 loose boxes of ammo rattling around in my trunk when I drive back to NY so even if I had the cash to spare, what I have now has to be enough.

All the best,
Glenn B

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skybill said...

Hi Glenn!!,
Funny thing you should mention that!! A couple of weeks ago now, ol' Les, the "Range Master" at the Denham Springs, La. Bass Pro told me about the ten bucks a box for the Win. 124 gr. NATO they had!! Bought a couple of boxes!! 'Was there yesterday... he said the deal is still on!! Bought another box!! Probably pick up a couple more "today now!" the 27th!!
Got GUNZ...... OUTLAW!!!!,