Monday, March 12, 2018

Damn Another Nor'easter On Its Way Here

At least that is what the all-confusing weather gurus are yammering about today. Supposed to start snowing tonight but then again it is 43 degrees right now. Of course, no doubt it can drop pretty quickly the snow may come, in fact judging by what they have been saying it seems sure to come. They are saying 4 to 6" or more in my neck of the concrete jungle but who knows.

Had it not been for this forecast I probably would have been on the road tomorrow for a little bit of a road trip. Now, I guess I should wait until Wednesday. I prefer to make it t where I am driving, in one piece and otherwise good health and driving in a nor'easter is probably not a good idea with that in mind. Of course, if it is not too bad tomorrow, I may just say damn the snowflakes - full speed ahead (well legal highway speed anyway).

No, I did not say to where I am headed; later for that.

All the best,
Glenn B


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