Saturday, March 10, 2018

I Am Sure Someone Else Has Thought Of This...

...but just in case no one has mentioned it: Do you think the only reason that Kim Jong Un invited President Trump to North Korea is so that he can call it off shortly before the scheduled meeting and then blame it on Trump for it falling through? You know, Rocket Boy saying something like Trump set too many conditions! Of course, President Trump is setting conditions and would have to be a fool not to do so. Then again N. Korea has said it will do certain things before the meeting. So, if President Trump's conditions are that N. Korea does what it promised, who can blame him if it falls through besides maybe a psycho like Kim Jong Un or an American made leftist loon.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Anonymous said...

I'm going with the private conversation "Hey. Remember all the times over the past years when y'all promised and we paid you and then you went ahead and did what you promised not to?
This time, I will bomb you back to the stone age.
Got It?"
Nice little country you have here. It'd be a shame to see something happen to it.