Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ever Check Your Credit Score?

I just checked mine through a free service from my bank. Wow, it does not suck at all, as a matter of fact it is excellent. Not quite the top score you can achieve but pretty darned close. Makes me wonder though, what does one have to do to get a perfect score because my house is paid off, have some money in the bank, have a steady income (at least until the government defaults on government pensions), I pay my bills on time, have had the same credit cards for years, well one maybe only for a year or so but all the others for many years and not too many of them either, have never defaulted on a financial obligation, never declared bankruptcy and so on. So what does one have to do to achieve credit score perfection???

All the best,
Glenn B

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riverrider said...

i found that you have to be USING your credit. but like you said not too much. and for heaven's sake don't pay anything off early. they frown on that.