Sunday, March 25, 2018

Remington Bankrupt!

Tonight is a sad night for me and I may sleep worse than usual, which is none too good already, after having learned that the oldest manufacturer of firearms in these United States - Remington has filed for bankruptcy (source). Should I hit the Power Ball or Mega Millions for say - a half a billion after taxes, I would make them an offer. I mean that too, that is how much that company means to me.

I learned how to shoot on Winchester and Remington rifles at summer camp. The heavier Remington became my favorite, especially since I shot better with them than with the Winchesters. My first personally owned shotgun was a Remington 870 Wingmaster, sold it to raise cash when I was poor. My next was a Remington 870 Express combo that I still own. I also owned at least another one of them - gave it to my son. I also have an 870 Express synthetic. In addition I have a Remington 513-T Matchmaster, a Remington Model 31 in 16 gauge and a Remington R1 1911 pistol in 45 ACP. I used to own a Remington 241 The Speedmaster and have a bad case of seller's remorse over that one. My choice of carry longarm, while I was a federal agent, was for many years a shotgun and the only shotguns I ever carried for work were 870s (both issued and personal).  I also use their ammunition frequently for target, self defense and hunting purposes. My son shot his first big game animal, a black bear, with a single round of Remington 35 REM Core-Lokt ammo for a one shot kill and I took most of my deer with Remington slugs out of my 870 Express. So to hear that Remington, an American icon, is going belly up saddens me greatly.

I have to wonder how this will affect Marlin since they are part of Remington as of late. I have owned my fair share of them too nd have at least four Marlins right now. Hopefully both of them will not fold, one is more than bad enough sad news. If they do, then it certainly will be a great loss to our nation and a feather to tickle the insanity bone of the leftists.

Eliphalet Remington must be rolling in his grave in agony.

All the best,
Glenn B

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