Friday, June 29, 2018

Found Myself An Extra Magazine For My Voere...

...and I did not have to order it from Poland or Germany either. Guy in Ohio had one for sale on eBay. In fact, I saw two Voere mags, both marked "Aut." on the baseplate like mine. Thing is the one at $44.99 plus 6.99 shipping did not look exactly like mine. The other one was a dead ringer for the one I already have so I ordered it.

It was not cheap @ $100 plus $8 shipping. Luckily something came up on the item screen I had never seen on eBay before - a notice telling me if I used a code I could get $15 off. I used the code so my total was $93. Darned expensive for a 22LR magazine. Then again, those I have seen being offered in Germany and Poland, by way of the Internet, are going for $80 plus shipping and - I'd have to wait however long, have them go through Customs, maybe get arrested as an arms smuggler. and whatever. (Years ago, ATF banned further importation of the Voere rifles that fire from an open bolt and I am none to sure you can import parts for them legally.)

So, if it arrives, is the same one that was pictured on eBay and works properly, I will be a happy camper shootist. If not, even though the guy does not accept returns, eBay insures it will be as advertised and such or my money back.

All the best,
Glenn B

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