Saturday, December 30, 2017

This Could Prove To Be Fun

The this is the new Ruger PC Carbine. It is a takedown carbine in 9mm and comes in two versions, one with a treaded barrel and the other without. The without version is legal in states like NY with its ridiculous SAFE Act making threaded barrel long guns into assault rifles (which are banned in NY). Kudos to Ruger for thinking of we gun owners in com-bloc states like NY.

More info on Ruger's new offering

Being its a 9mm peashooter, it could prove to be a lot of fun since 9mm is relatively not all that expensive as compared to other centerfire ammo. Since it is able to switch mag well sizes, using different adapters, from a Ruger SR-Series Pistol and Security-9 and Glock magazines it is going to be somewhat more versatile than other carbines limited to one type of magazine. Being a Glock fan-boy owner who also owns several 9mm Glock magazines that would be a plus for me as long as it accepts double-stack Glock Mags (the info does not specify).

If it is offered at a decent price, I may have to sell off something else to get one of these; that of course depends upon them getting excellent reviews.

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Old 1811 said...

The spec sheet on Ruger's website lists its capacity as 17 or 10, so it apparently does take double-stack mags.