Saturday, December 30, 2017

Never Again Or Next Time I'll Take A Real Cab

I took what I am pretty sure was my first Uber ride yesterday(anyway I don't recall ever using them before) from home to the LIRR station. Wanted to walk but because it was so cold my son wanted an Uber cab; we were headed into NYC for dinner and some sightseeing and drinking.

The Uber car arrived promptly - decent and clean car, decent clean-cut looking driver. There was a stink of maybe a little too much of car wash air freshener, one of those friggin trees you hand in the car (this one smelling like eau de urinal cake) but otherwise it seemed okay at first.

When we got close to the station, the guy just kept heading south across the LIRR tracks to the eastbound side of them. We had mentioned we were going to Penn Station (which meant westbound) and we mentioned it again. So, he made a U-turn immediately after crossing the tracks and drove north in the southbound lane of the road we had just been on. He put his left turn signal on just before crossing the tracks and my son urgently told him NOT to make left turn onto the tracks as it appeared he was about to do. We did not have enough time to also tell him he was on the wrong side of the street before a southbound driver blasted his car's horn and slammed on the brakes instead of hitting us head on. The Uber driver finally got the idea and moved to the right lane and proceeded to actually get us to the station without further ado, under our direction, except maybe that it was fairly obvious he was fairly oblivious. Never again came to mind and is still there as far as me and Uber go.

All the best,
Glenn B

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