Saturday, July 4, 2020

I Prefer My Elk Smoked Over Hickory...

...and not cooked over an open wood fire. Alas, leftists evidently prefer it the other way as evidenced by the way they destroyed a statue of an Elk in front of the federal courthouse in Portland, OR. (Source.) This has gone beyond ridiculous and has become serious and for those who don't think that is the case - you need to wake up.

I understand that many folks do not believe these disturbances could turn into a major insurrection that could topple our government. Sadly, that is much the same way that folks looked at the Nazis when they first started stomping people and destroying synagogues; then that evil seemingly inept fucker got himself elected and look at where it went from there. There are scores, if not hundreds of politicians in our country who evidently support these crazy rioting/killing pieces of shit.

The good folks of this country really need to start forming/joining local militias to combat community watch groups to protect themselves from these evil clowns. The government essentially is doing nothing - maybe waiting for the right political moment to do something decisive - or maybe waiting for it all just to burn out in a fizzle. It's a bigger gamble, I think, to wait it out to see if it burns itself out because if it does not, it may just get bigger and bigger until it is a full scale and extremely bloody revolution.

All the best,
Glenn B

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