Friday, November 26, 2021

There Was A Name Given To Fauci Types...

 ...back in the1940s, all of the 1950s and much of the 1960s. After all scientists, and let us remember Fauci is supposedly a scientist, gave us things back then like penicillian, plastic, space travel, jet planes, the polio vaccine and so on. Those are all great things given to us by great men - good scientists.

Of course, scientists back then also perfected (to a point) germ & chemical warfare, created: atomic weapons, DDT, what were up until then unimaginable poluttants and performed extremely cruel exepriments on & killed millions of people.

Today, we have Anthony Fauci and his reported work to make the Corona Virus more effective at infecting humans. We also have all of the mind boggling  conflicting information he has told us about Covid-19 and his part in creating it and how to prevent catching it. All the while, he essentially portrays himself as the expert scientist who is saving us from it but only after first helping to create what may become our 12 Monkeys moment.

Such scientists, like Fauci, in those prior decades, were often portrayed in the media, books and movies and most definitely were thought of as anything but great men. In fact, they were given a moniker that I think fits Anthony Fauci to perfection. They were called the title and he should forever be known as the same, as an Evil Scientist. 

I wonder, if only he would soon meet the fate of many of those so labelled in the past, would our world be a much safer place? Just a thought but my guess is yes we would be safer. I think we do not need any more Josef Mengele types to, in effect, perform their experiments at the expense of the human race.

All the best,
Glenn B


Howard Brewi said...

I may be off a little but it is my understanding that DDT was invented to stop a yellow fever epidemic while building the Panama Canal. That it was a rush job to do good in the end produced a product that remained in the environment and caused problems

Howard Brewi said...

As I understand it DDT was invented to stop a yellow fever epidemic while building the Panama Canal. Good intension, good result at the time, rush job so it took a while to realize that it remains in the environment as a pollutant!