Monday, November 15, 2021

Why Does The Rittenhouse Prosecutor,...

...whom I consider, in my opinion, to be nothing more than a lying unjust moronic arsehat, have his right index finger where it is in the below photo? Take a look, then think about it, it could have turned out just like the shooting on the film set in Hollyweird recently. 
Besides him being what I think is a lying sack of turd he is obviously an outright idiot if in fact that was the actual rifle used by Kyle Rittenhouse when he defended himself (note the optics that appeared on it from news photos of the actual incident are now absent).

 Prosecutor holds AR-15 in court to demonstrate how Rittenhouse held weapon
Too bad it did not have a live round in the chamber and that he did not put the bullet into the courtroom wall or ceiling; of course I say too b ad but only if he did so without hurting anyone. I am sure his carer would have ended right then and there as I think it should end. I almost cannot believe to what a moronic libtard level this guy seemingly has reduced himself during this trial. The only way he can win is if there are similar morons on the jury. If that happens, my bet is the defense will be granted a mistrial.
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Glenn B

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