Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pretty Cool Move By An Armed Grandpa...

...who was not about to let a 16 year old thug turn him into victim. I like virtually everything the old-timer did except for one thing. Had that POS bad guy bent down in front of me to retrieve his gun, I probably would have shot him again, this time dead center mass. There would be no way that I'd let him pick it up and again give him the opportunity to shoot me. His going for the gun was more than good enough as probable cause to believe he posed an imminent threat to the old-timer's life and thus more than enough just cause to shoot him again.

I can understand why the old guy did not shoot him again, as he said he was trying to save the kids life, but that was, in my opinion, an error in judgment on his part that could have just as easily wound up in him losing his own life. Luckily the kid picked it up and ran instead of turning and shooting the old-timer!

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Glenn B

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