Friday, August 25, 2017

If I Self Identified...

If I self identified as an Islamic, black, transgender hermaphrodite of Asian origin with Hispanic attributes who claimed to be an indigenous person of North America, who also was a commie sympathizer, who wore Che tee-shirts and who first supported Bernie and then Hillary but yet was also an avowed supporter of the RKBA and was a firearms enthusiast who voted for Trump - would the leftist screwballs in antifa, blm and the mud slinging media still hate me? I suppose so.

Just ...wondering because I want ever so much for there to be love and harmony in the world yet still want to be ready to defend my family, myself, my nation and her Constitution against all enemies just in case all that Utopian love and harmony does not materialize in my lifetime!

In fact, I am fairly certain they would still hate me, it surely seems evident they do just that already and nothing will change it. So, fuck them if they hate me and why bother becoming a leftist loon of a self loathing white male and then claiming I am anything but who and what I already am.

All the best,
Glenn B

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