Wednesday, November 1, 2017

45-70 Gov't. - I Just Gotta Say Wow...

...if only because I just cleaned the bore of my new Marlin 1895GBL in 45-70 Gov't. with a 12 gauge slotted cleaning rod tip. (Yes that means, Remington/Marlin finally set me a new rifle as a replacement, couple of weeks ago, for the one I had bought originally but that had problems.) I never before imagined cleaning a rifle with shotgun cleaning accessories but that slotted tip along with shotgun cleaning patches worked like a charm.

I'm hoping to get it to the range tonight for its first shots. Well, that would be its first shots at least as fired by me. The bore was so dammed dirty that I am guessing they fired more than two or three test rounds through it at the factory. Oh well, the bore is bright and shiny now and I can actually easily see all the rifling which was not invisible but literally not that easy to see before I cleaned it. Man they must have used some dirty ammo regardless of how many test shots they fired.

That is all,
Glenn B 

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