Friday, May 19, 2017

Damn, It's Vampire Hour & Where Is My Rem 870 Folding Stock

It is well past the hour when vampires would start coming out around my place already; although, in AR where my son lives (in that other time zone), it would still be fairly bright sunlight at this hour. Heck, he is only one time zone west of here!!! I may have to move back to AR just for the sunlight. Of course, I may have to at least visit again soon just to get my OEM Remington 870 folding stock that he brought with him, then gave back to me while I was there, but that I apparently forgot to take with me when I left. I checked my car and cannot find it, so I am assuming I forgot it but he cannot find it in his apartment either. Maybe a vampire grabbed it.

All the best,

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