Sunday, September 3, 2017

Someone Please Explain To Me Bloggers Dropping Google...

...and refusing to use videos from YouTube (run by Google). I have been working virtually full time for the past 5 weeks and not keeping up on reading other folks' blogs as much as I had been doing but saw tonight at least two bloggers in my blog rolls who are even talking about or have already gotten out of Blogger (also run by Google).

What's up with all this fallout over Google? Have they done something more leftist than usual? Have they stopped allowing gun videos at YouTube, have they been censoring gun blogs, have they banned the NRA from their sites, have they called for the assassination of our president - what gives?

This is a serious inquiry, someone please clue me in.

Glenn B


Arthur said...

Phil said...

Start here,

Then read this,

Then this,

and this.

Fuck Google.

Irish said...

They. Google and Facebook and twitter are going after conservative sites. Here is a quick example

Others have complained that their ad revenue has been dropped.

Glenn B said...

Thanks all, that was informative. So what are viable alternatives to using platforms run by Google with regard to posting videos and blogs?

Also, which browsers are among the best as an alternative to Google? I have both it and Mozilla Firefox installed on my computer but use Firefox sparingly because it is more of a pain in the butt to use than is Google (although that may just be based on my being more familiar with Google having used it more).

Thanks again,
Glenn B

Glenn B said...

Three comments I have to make reference the guy who lost 14 years of his work ( Please pay careful attention to how they are written and to exactly what they say as to not misinterpret me:

1) It truly sucks, badly to the extreme, that Google/Blogger allegedly did that to him (and I do not find it hard to believe because they seemingly are quite the leftist leaning bunch).

2) It sucks even more for him that he seemingly was smart enough to know how to use the Internet for 14 years to produce and store his art work but evidently was never intelligent enough to have backed it up! In fact, I find that almost impossible to believe, that is unless he was a stupid dickhead par excellance (not excusing Google or Blogger in any way shape or form - just calling it like it is as to that guy if he was that idiotic) and that is difficult to comprehend since he was smart enough to use the Internet as he had done over a 14 year timeframe!

3) I often (and I do mean often)carried a back-up weapon when working as a federal agent. What little money I have saved is here and there and yet in another place hopefully so as not to be able to loose it all at once in a financial crisis. I also have been backing-up my blog posts now and again since I have been blogging. One backup protected my life, another my finances, the other my hobby and I am no rocket scientist to have realized that all those actions were prudent on my part. Yet, oddly enough, a guy who was making his living on the Internet for 14 years seemingly was not half witted enough to protect his livelihood! I find it distressing that someone could be so fucking idiotic or naïve. Did he like most modern day libturds expect others to protect his works, and I am guessing he is a libturd or at least someone who expects a nanny-state to protect him! Regardless of political leaning though, I find it amazingly foolish for him not to have backed-up his work. Thus, I have little sympathy for him even though, as I have expressed most clearly, it sucks that Google/Blogger did such! Then again I also seem to recall it is Google's site to do with as they please and he, as are we (or were we depending on circumstances), are along for a free ride under their rules. Again, allow me to reiterate, Google/Blogger truly sucks for doing so if they actually did so and I am guessing they did it. Just as I said though, it is their site and we are at the will of their whim when using it. How could he have not backed up his life's work!!! I guess the so called artist never heard the axiom: TRUST NO ONE - or at least never paid it any mind! That is a shame but the bigger shame is that Google/Blogger would become a one way leftist stronghold of abhorrent one sided ideals; yet it almost seems as that is to be expected of any type of media and that includes social bullshit sites that host our blogs, videos and other media we choose to present via the Internet.

As for me, I will give some thought to using another host for my blog; although I must say that last time I tried Word Press, it was abhorrent so I hope it has gotten more user friendly but it may take me until google ban me until I move. Not that I am not principled, just that I truly am THE Great procrastinator.