Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Upcoming Halloween Gun Show

 I'll be heading to a gun show on Saturday & Sunday (Saturday is Halloween) with Brendan (my son) this coming weekend. My guess is there will be what amounts to a frenzied panic buying with the election scheduled to come only two days after the show on Tuesday. Of course, it could be that most of us shopping for guns & ammo have already stocked up fairly well - either at good prices way in advance of the current round of panic buying or during it at sky high prices but there are many who have not.

As for me, I did both - I do not stop buying ammo because of high prices brought on by the hysteria of the masses. That is not because I am/was ill prepared as far as my ammo supply goes, it is because I do not want to be caught short should it turn out I really need it for more than just casual target shooting, hunting or possibly a one off self defense situation in the event the situation in our country gets any worse what with the current anarchy in many leftist cities and states.

 I truly believe that Biden has a chance of winning the upcoming election not so much by way of an honest election with integrity but by way of deviousness, cheating and outright fraud on the part of his supporters. If it does happen that he winds up in the White House, my bet is it will be 6 months at most before the demoncrats make an all out effort to enact a 35 to 50% tax on firearms and ammunition as well as on their components. That will be their first step in trying to disarm American citizens. At that point it would be impossible for someone like me (like me meaning the great majority of Americans & legal immigrant aliens) to be able to afford to purchase ammunition unless and at least until black-market ammo becomes available for sale. 

You may not believe the same as me nor think that Biden can win but I look at it this way: If I spend too much on ammo now and he loses; well, I spent too much and will not have that money to spend elsewhere but I'll have my ammo.  On the other hand, if I do not buy it now and he wins - I'll still have my money but will not have as much ammo as I would like because it will become impossible to afford it because of both the even worse buying frenzy to come should he win and because of the tax I am sure they will at least attempt to enact on it. By the way, if the demoncrats win the Senate, hold the house and take the presidency, you can bet your bottom dollar that such an ammo tax will become a reality without a doubt.

So, I figure buying now and living with the regret of having spent too much will be much easier for me than not buying now and living with the regret of him winning with the result being ammo purchases becoming a thing of the past. Of course, if all goes well, President Trump will handily win reelection.


All the best,
Glenn B

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