Wednesday, October 28, 2020

This Intelligence Company Seems To Me To Have Gotten It Almost Right.

 ...and I am referring to Inmar Intelligence who reportedly has said that people in the U.S. are planning to replenish their stockpiles of supplies again due to the current pandemic. According to a report at Fox News, Inmar Intelligence has indicated that: 

"Now, roughly 57% of shoppers are considering restocking due to growing fears of a "potential second wave of COVID-19," which could lead to another round of bare store shelves." (Source.)

While they may have gotten it completely right, my guess, based on current events and upon past instances of panicked stockpiling that I have witnessed, is they got it pretty much right but not completely right. I think they have missed the influence that the upcoming election - with it's prospect of the Biden/Harris ticket winning - would lend toward people stockpiling supplies. Let's face it folks, many of us fear that if Biden wins, our country will become a haven for ultra leftist socialists and a hell hole for anyone who opposes them and our nation's prosperity would soon thereafter go down the drain as did that of the once oil rich Venezuela. Yep, it definitely seems to me that they overlooked that when it comes to the possibility of another round of panic buying.

Regardless of which analysis is correct as to the cause of anticipated panic buying - there probably is no better way to assure it will happen again than to broadcast those predictions, by way of the national/international media (Fox included) that it is coming.

That said, pardon me please, I need to run to the stores to get some canned food, water, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, beer & booze, medical supplies and to see if my local Academy Sports has any more 5.56mm NATO in stock (bought three 200 round boxes of it earlier today). After all, the election is less than a week away! Who me panic? Hell no - but it's nice to be prepared and I was raised at the height of the Cold War and learned its lessons on preparedness at least fairly well. While I was never a Boy Scout, there always was one thing and one thing alone that I ever liked about the Boy Scouts of America -it was their motto: "Be Prepared"!

All the best,
Glenn B



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riverrider said...

yup, just hit sam's club and the local grocery for a final load, filled the gas cans, tested out several guns. nothin will happen here in the immediate future but praying for a trump win.