Saturday, October 24, 2020

I May Have To Carry One Of These...

 ...but since one, the Gil Hibben - Sub Hilt Toothpick - is almost the size of a short sword, it will not be that one.


That's a pair of Ortgies pistols in 32 AUTO which should give you an idea as to scale; it's a pretty big knife.

The other is more manageable and will draw a lot less attention. That other one would be the Browning Black Label ShadowFax 104 BL. 

I like both but I like the ShadowFax is the one I like much more as far as looks and anticipated practicality go. Now, if there ever is an actual zombie apocalypse, I might change my preference.

By the way, I got these at my favorite gun & knife getting place - Hessney Auction Co. LTD at their last Sportsman's Auction earlier this month.

All the best,
Glenn B

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