Thursday, October 29, 2020

If This Is True - We May Be In For Some Interesting Times

Go to the link and read about these two books:

Baron Trump’s Marvellous (sic) Underground Journey (supposedly published in 1893)

1900 Or The Last President (supposedly published 1896)

As the article about them says, they boggle the mind (at least if it's true that these books exist, are genuinely from the 1800s and that their story line is as it says in that article). Go to this link and be amazed or not. It's got to be be a hoax - doesn't it - but if it's not and if it's for real then it is absolutely amazing!

All the best,
Glenn B


michigan doug said...

wrong link.

Everybody go vote if u hav'nt already.

curious said...

Glenn this link doesn't work I've heard about these books, and thought they were legit

Glenn B said...

Sorry about screwing up the link. I'd fix it except cannot recall where I found it.