Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Did Not Sleep A Wink Last Night - Not Even One!

That's likely because my right hip was killing me so I took two Alleve which did nothing. Then I took a Tramadol. After waiting 20 minutes or thereabouts, I took another, that took off most of the edge. I went to bed but the thing is when I take Tramadol, I just lay there, quite comfortable and mellow when & if it completely kills all the pain (which it kind of, sort of, almost did last night) but I just cannot sleep. I've found that if I am exhausted and take one right before bed, I'll usually fall asleep and stay that way for maybe 4 hours or so until I have to haul mine arse out of bed to take a wee. Then when I go back to bed - no further sleep. 

Last night was one of the nights where I took it at more than a half hour before going to bed and it started to work while I was awake and for some damned reason unknown to me - I just laid in my bed unable to sleep because I took it like that. Why a pain killer would keep me awake is mind boggling. Then again, even more befuddling is the fact that the next day, I often feel as if I got a great night's sleep. 

For instance such was today. I have not taken a nap, not one wink, all day. That is odd because I got piss poor sleep for the two prior nights and then none at all last night and I felt fine all day today. Go figure but somehow it fools my body into thinking it was well rested.

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Don't let lack of response make you think nobody cares. Some of us truly Get It. And we got nothing to add.