Saturday, August 10, 2019

I'm Betting Mass Shootings Are Not Caused By The Guns, Stupid

Tonight, I am going to try an experiment to see if what that meme above says is factual. I am going to load one of my so called "evil black rifles" and then I am going to leave it loaded on a table. I will make it potentially much more evil by leaving some extra 30 round loaded magazines on the table with it to keep it company and replenish with ammo it should it decide to get up during the night and go out on a killing spree. Then, I am going to go to bed. 

When I wake up tomorrow (if it does not kill me while I sleep) I am going to scour the Internet media sites to see how many mass killings it committed all on its own while I slept. Would any of you die-hard leftists like to accept the odds I am giving - of every penny I own against you no longer posting/ thinking/ believing stuff like that - that my gun will not have caused a single death let alone will not have caused a mass murder by tomorrow, on its own volition, even though I left it loaded & alone to be free to bring about whatever mayhem it possibly could have caused? In other words, I am betting it is not the guns, at least not mine, that are causing mass shootings. Got it - stupid!

All the best,
Glenn B

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Glenn B said...

My black rifle was still here this morning, all ammo accounted for, I guess it decided it did not want to go out and cause a mass shooting. Or maybe Stupid, it like all other guns is just an inanimate object. Therefore, it's not the guns that cause mass shootings - it's the murderers! Fucking libterd logic, that guns are the cause of mass shootings, is the epitome of stupidity.