Thursday, November 26, 2015

I Have Not Blogged For Most of The Week, So... is a rundown of my week:

Saturday and Sunday, I went hunting. Hunted a new area on Saturday about 80 miles further west than the one I most frequently hunt. I didn't see hide nor hair of a deer although there was a decent amount of deer sign including buck sign such as scrapes and rubs. A bunch of hunters around me took way to many shots to allow me to think they actually hit anything. One guy, I am guessing he was one of three hunters of a group I saw who went into the woods near me, fired a shot that was followed by another after a brief pause and those were followed by three more in rapid succession. I hunkered down hoping none were coming my way. Later, another four or five shots in rapid succession from what sounded like the same gun coming from the same direction. Then three shots, fired quickly, from another gun from same direction and about the same distance from the sound of them. Then a shot or two. Both of those last from different guns. Then even later another five shots from a gun sounding the same as the first, again in rapid fire. I guess they saw some deer but as I suspected they did not bag even one. I saw them driving away empty handed.

Sunday, I went to the old spot. I did not have a deer management permit there (doe permit). I figured I could scout it for next weekend or the one after. I thought I saw another hunter in the woods since I saw a lot of blaze orange, then lost him. Moments later, a doe burst out from behind a deadfall and trotted right toward where I saw the hunter. She presented a broadside running shot but I did not take it, one because I did not have a doe permit and two because I thought someone else was in the line of fire. I got behind the biggest tree near me expecting to hear the other guy blasting away in my direction. No shots wen off. I later found that the hunter I saw had been tapped around a tree that someone had possibly used as a stand. I guess I am happy I played it safe by not shooting when someone else may have been there and by not putting myself into a position to be arrested for bagging a doe without a permit. My son has a permit for the area but he never showed up, said he was too tired to drive after work on Friday! Hopefully I will get his arse into the woods before the season ends. We have three more weekends including this one for the rifle season.

After that it was back to the grind. Been working kind of full time, filling in a slot, while my employer looks for someone to fill a full time position.

Last night, I went shopping for some baking needs, probably will bake a pie or two for dessert today. Going to my daughter's house for dinner later, that is if I am feeling up to it (right now my joints are killing me, I almost am thinking I have Lyme again). I also picked up a little something special while at the supermarket last night, a 2.5 pound crustacean for an after dinner snack. I can tell you this, it was absolutely delicious. Sort of a Thanksgiving eve celebration.

This beast weighed in at 2.25 pounds.
Nope, I didn't shoot it with the 45, the pistol is there to give you an idea of my dinner's size. And yes, it cost an arm and a leg (and it might once have been able to remove one of either, or at least a finger, with that right claw) but sometimes you just have to treat yourself nicely and say a definitive and final no to any more of the leftovers that are waiting for you in your fridge!

Happy Thanksgiving.

All the best,
Glenn B


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