Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Glock Armorers' Certification...

....expired in June - shame on me for letting it lapse until now. To remedy that, I will be attending a Glock Armorers' school in the near future, like in the very near future, as in tomorrow. I was going to stay overnight at a hotel near the training facility but decided that since it is in NJ, I might be better off just driving down in the morning, taking the class and skedaddling back home without delay once the class is over. NJ is a state much like NY it its anti-gun rabidity and I am none too familiar with all of the laws there and do not want to get hung up over something minor that winds upon being a big deal there - should I be stopped by a local constable or whomever on my drive there or back again. I have taken precautions against inadvertently breaking some law relative to firearms while there. I am confidently sure that I have cleaned all of the ammo out of my vehicle, I say that with 99.9999 percent certainty. I checked three times and could find none - I especially searched high and low for stray hollow point rounds. I am also certain, to the same degree, that the pistol I will have on my person is allowed under NJ state law and the ammunition, while possibly banned under NJ law, is allowed under federal law by which I am covered (that law would be LEOSA and its amendment). So I should be good to go but I do not want to tempt the fates by being in NJ any longer than is necessary.

Of course, I could travel 100 miles into NJ and back without carrying a sidearm for protection but I feel that would be foolish considering the crime rates in both NY and NJ. So I will carry and it will be legal for me to do so. Anyway, since I will be taking the Glock Armorers' course, even if I did not carry my own gun, it could be possible that someone in NJ might deem it appropriate to arrest me because I certainly will be in possession of a pistol while in that class even if it is one supplied by Glock for training purposes. Could you imagine that! Luckily, being that I am covered by LEOSA, I am able to possess semi-automatic pistols in all 50 states. (Or is that in all 57 states, Mr. President?) I really do not foresee any problems but if my back cloud follows me, who can tell.

I have been sick as a dog for the past two weeks with a cold or flu or whatever (hoping it is not Lyme disease again since I was bitten by a tick a couple of weeks before I got ill). I am not completely over it yet but have slept so much over the past several days (for example I slept about 16 hours, on and off, yesterday), that I now feel so much better than I had been feeling. So, I figure that I should be up to the trip over the course of a single day instead of going tonight and wasting money in a hotel - I hope so anyway. I plan to be up by about 0415 and to depart by 0500. I have to be there by 0800 and its only just over a 2 hour trip but you never know with traffic in either the Tyranny State or the Toxic Waste Dump State - so I am giving myself 3 hours to make a 2 hour 15 minute trip.

Wish me luck on my travels.

All the best,
Glenn B

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