Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OK, So I Am Once Again A Certified Glock Armorer...

...or at least will be certified once I receive my training certificate. Now what? 

Anyway, I passed the course with flying colors and am again a Glock Armorer. The class was great and we had a truly excellent instructor. Heck, I even got some Glock swag for attending the and participating in class. As far as participation went, I go the swag once because I answered a question right, that had been posed by the instructor, and another time because I admitted I had a brain fart and put the slide on the frame without putting the barrel back into the slide first. Talk about being embarrassed but I got a really nice Glock patch for that when the instructor used the pistol I was using in the practical exercises to demonstrate to the class what a knucklehead can accomplish and how easy it is to correct it.

Now that I am again a Glock Armorer, where in Hades New York State will I be able to find a job wherein those skill can be utilized? That is the big question!

All the best,
Glenn B

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