Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Have Often Wondered - Was She a Zombie

I mean after all, the title of the song is 'She's Not There' and let's face it folks - zombies, whether fictional monsters or real live monsters in the form of democrats, are most certainly not there, at least mentally. Anyway you listen to this song though, it was and remains a great song by a short lived group that called what else but The Zombies:
Now remember, I just wrote "Anyway you listen to it it though, it was and remains a great song...". So, let's listen to another version, this one by Santana (what a tribute to the original by The Zombies) to have such a well established group play it more than 20 years after it first came out:
Yep, as many times as I have heard She's Not There, after seeing the Night of the Living Dead way back then, I've wondered was she a zombie. By the way, if you are a fan of zombie movies and have never seen Night of the Living Dead - you do not know what you are missing. There were other movies with zombies before it but it most definitively is the one that started the craze.
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Glenn B

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riverrider said...

i thought they were singing about a girl strung out on drugs. could be a zombie tho. or maybe they're the same thing.