Thursday, June 30, 2022

He's Gone - Last Living WWII Recipient of Medal of Honor Has Passed On



 There is also a video here (much better I think) but I cannot get to to embed (seems to be a chronic on again/off again problem with videos from FOX News).

Yet another video below, long but well worth the watch:

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riverrider said...

godspeed woody. i knew a fellow marine years ago, hasley wriggins. he was afraid of guns, had a stutter when stressed. great finish carpenter though. one day we were working on his neighbors house,his old lady, sweetest little lady you will ever meet, came over with lemonade. i asked her about his ww2 service, which he never spoke of. he would beat a hasty retreat if we pressed him on it....she said he was in the south pacific. his platoon was on patrol for the japs and got lost so they set up on a rise before dark. the lt made them dig in, they were pissed morning hasley was the last man standing, with 42 dead japs in front of his foxhole. his nickname became "ol 42." every other man in the platoon was dead or wounded, by the japs never got through. and he never touched another gun for the rest of his life. he passed in 2002. godspeed hasley. you are missed.