Thursday, June 30, 2022

I've Been Retired Over 10 Years And...

 ...while I do miss the job (it was truly an adventure of a career), I do not miss certain aspects of it like some arsehats with whom I worked (mostly supervisors). Don't get me wrong - some of the supervisors were great especially the Primary Firearms Instructors (Range Masters) and my friend DP. I readily admit that I also miss many of my fellow agents.
Other than my coworkers, the things I miss most besides travel to temporary assignments were my collateral duties as a firearms instructor for handgun, rifle & shotgun and then what came a bit later on - certification & collateral duties as an MP5 instructor. If I ever loved a gun (besides my 870) I loved the HK MP5 that was issued to me. While I still have my Remington 870 12 gauge (in fact I have two), I of course had to give up that MP5. 
Damn, shooting it was fun - especially with the free ammo I got from the job for practice. There was a lot of free ammo to spare; so, you can safely bet, I shot that MP5 frequently. If I had to rate it among all the long guns I have ever owned or been issued - it truly rates as the most fun long gun probably tied with the 870 but it might edge out the 870 only in as much as it never kicked enough to hurt my shoulder!

All the best,
Glenn B


1chota said...

Back in '88 I went to Quantico for M16 training and then to Sterling, Va. for MP5 training. Did you make that trip?

riverrider said...

i had an hk94, semi variant of the mp5 back in the 80's. decided i needed more range and being a poor youngun i traded it for an ar15. immediately regretted it and have spent the last 40 years longing for another but alas even the clones are out of reach now that i'm retired. i have a couple of 9mm ar's to fill the role but they're just not an hk. maybe i can pick one up off the ground after the purge.

Glenn B said...

I never went to Quantico or Sterling,VA. I trained with a CAR15, AR15s, Ruger Mini-14s and M4s with my agency locally and a firearms instructors schools I attended in various places. Trained first in NYC for the MP5 and as an MP5 instructor, did recertifications as an instructor in Bradenton, Florida also at Ft.Benning once.