Monday, August 16, 2021

I've Only Seen Scenes Like This In Movies Before...

 ...movies that depicted TEOTWAWKI scenes. I am referring to the videos I have seen of people clinging to U.S. aircraft, people trying to escape Afghanistan and the wrath of the Taliban (source).
I cannot imagine the fear that is driving these people to attempt to flee Afghanistan by clinging to the outside of a U.S. aircraft but they are doing it and a few have reportedly fallen from a U.S. C-17 to their deaths in trying to escape the Taliban takeover. Some wonder why the Afghans in their military forces were unable to stop the Taliban surge over the past week or so; well, my guess is they fear the torture and terrible deaths by beheading the Taliban are known for and which they lived through before the U.S. invaded. Of course, I also imagine because the U.S. military has been ordered to stand down as far as assisting them or advising them goes. 
Why the United States of American, led by that no good POS Joe Biden, did not have an exit strategy that would have had the Afghan Army ready to at least try fighting off the Taliban is beyond comprehension. Now Biden and his administration are trying to blame it on President Trump! Yeah, I know, last year Trump told the Taliban he would remove troops by a certain date and they began preparing for a take over BUT my bet is Trump would have had our military strafing & bombing the shit out of them along with having advisors help direct the Afghan Army in a counter attack to prevent the successful takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. 
Anyone who wants to say different about what President Trump likely would have done - as in you leftist, liberal, Democrat detractors of President Trump - President Trump has a strong record on how he decisively had our military deal with terror groups! Biden has been a befuddled failing fool. After all, what did bumbling Biden do as the Taliban raged across Afghanistan - he went on vacation! He should not only be impeached - if at all possible, if there are any applicable charges at all, he should be prosecuted for war crimes or dereliction of duty, in my opinion. The man is a disgrace and so is his entire administration. To think - this is the best that the left had to offer to lead the United States of America - if you voted for him you should be ashamed of yourselves.

All the best,
Glenn B


Maureen said...

rather if you assisted in the massive voter fraud--disposed of truckloads of mailed ballots, created fake voter/dead voter ballots, changed votes, miscounted, deleted votes, you should be more than ashamed of yourselves.

Thomas said...

It's almost an hour but I think it's worth watching.
(Currently I'm 20 or so minutes into it).
You've probably heard bits and pieces of it a little at a time, but I think this is important to listen to.
I'm finding it profound and am already shaken, and haven't even finished it.
Bottom line seems to be - this cannot be anything but a deliberate plan (for whoever is running TAITWH) do attack the American way of life.

Give it a listen and see what you think.
I had thought this once or twice but hadn't given it a full attention until just now.
I'm not just saying it for dramatic effect, if you listen to this and think it's true, there are huge implications to what each of us may need to do and watch out for. If this is true, my plan of trying to lay low won't work and is a fool's errand.