Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Grandpa Kitchen

Over the past weekend, I was in Frisco, TX visiting Walter, a friend of my son. My son Brendan was there too. Brendan tuned into Grandpa Kitchen on YouTube and played it on Walter's huge, I think, 75" screen TV. It was a cooking channel with an amusing twist (to many but not all the videos) and was quite informative as to just how many dishes they make in India that contain red chili powder! I highly recommend watching videos at this YouTube channel and mind you many of the things they prepare are not Indian cuisine: 
Many of the recipes look easy to prepare, the prepared dishes often look mouthwatering and if you subscribe to the channel you are helping the creators not only to make some money but apparently also to donate to charity and to feed orphaned children.
This is Grandpa's favorite recipe, at least it was at the time he did this video. My mouth is watering:


I suppose I should note that sadly, Grandpa is gone now but the channel continues with new videos thanks to his grandchildren. Give it a look see, you may find yourself thinking of cooking up a dish or three and of eating somethings you have never tried before!
My son has turned me on and tuned me in to some really excellent YouTube channels; how he finds them is a mystery to me.
All the best,
Glenn B

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Jim M said...

Love their tag line of "Mix Well". Its hilarious to watch.