Friday, October 12, 2012

Here I Am In Horseheads, NY... if you are guessing that I made the decision to go to the firearms auction tomorrow, that I wrote about in my post immediately prior to this one, you would be right. I am, about 50 miles from the auction location, here at Motel 6 in Horseheads.

The town and village name of Horseheads has to be one of the oddest names I have ever heard of for a town and one that I like very much. So, I just checked the town website and clicked on the town history link. At that link you will find what is a brief but most assuredly interesting story that tells how the name came about.

I doubt that I will be blogging more tonight. I want to review the auction catalog once more to make sure I did not miss anything on which I might place a bid as far as guns go. They are also auctioning old cars, a new vehicle, militaria, hunting and fishing equipment, taxidermy mounts, decoys, ammo and firearms accessories and maybe another thing or two. I am mostly interested in the firearms and will only check the catalog for them tonight. There is a chance I will also bid on something else since last time I was at this auction house I bid on a deer head mount and a dagger too (and brought them home since I had the high bids on them) but as I said my sights are set mainly on the firearms.

I hope to get to the auction house by 0730. I am not sure when they open but that should get me there early enough to register without waiting too long on a line and will give me a good amount of time to preview items. On my previous trip, I got to see many of the guns the night before the auction but not this time. I will have to do all of my previewing tomorrow morning. That means an early to bed time for me, within the hour.

All the best,
Glenn B

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