Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still Cancer Free - Maybe At least In Part Due To The Efforts of Guys Like Jay G

Yesterday, I got some good news from my chemo oncologist; the CT Scan I had to undergo on Monday came back negative. In other words, since my first post treatment PET and CT scans, back in March 2012, I am still cancer free.

Along the lines of people staying cancer free, if you have ever considered donating to cancer research with the hope of kicking cancer's ass, why not consider donating through Jay G of MArooned. He is doing a very good thing this month and has been and will be Kilted To Kick Cancer for the entirety of this month. Yes, that means that Jay G is donning a man-skirt for the whole month, every day, in order to try to persuade folks to donate to kick cancer's ass. It also probbaly  means he may have blue balls for at least some of the month, what with with the recent chill in the air and wearing a kilt meaning he is not wearing anything under it.

As much as I kid him about that, and I do so pretty relentlessly - all kidding side - I have to repect him for his decision to go out and actually try to make a difference in the fight against cancer. If you would like to show that you respect and support him for making the effort, and if you want to help in the war against cancer, you can donate to help kick cancer('s ass) via his website or these two links which are his donation portals through Livestrong and The Prostate Cancer Foundation. I am not sure but I think that the money donated to either goes to fight prostate cancer since September is Prostate Cancer Awareess month or something like that. (And there I was, for oh so many years, thinking that it was just a month with excellent weather) in which one safely could eat oysters.) Even though prostate cancer is far from the variety of cancer that I had last year, it that mattered little to me in my decision to make a couple of donations by way of Jay's donation pages at Livestrong and The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Be advised, if you donate by way of Jay's kilted to kick cancer efforts, I think that makes you eligible to be entered into the chance to win some nice prizes that were donated by others to Jay's fund raising efforts. See his site for more info. Regardless, the money is going to a good cause, to help kick cancer's ass.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Still Cancer free~YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!