Friday, April 19, 2013

Today In History - A Fitting Day To Kill A Terrorist

I find it historically significant and rather fitting that one of the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon was gunned down in a hail of police bullets today and am hopeful that his brother is captured or also gunned down before the day is over. Today, April 19th is a very significant day in the history of the United States of America. It is the day, that the shot heard round the world was fired. That shot being the one that commenced the Revolutionary War of American Independence when British troops advanced on Lexington Common and were met by armed resistance in the form of American Minutemen (the militia of that day). That was April 19, 1775. Note that Lexington in question was in Massachusetts, quite near to where the bomber who met his demise, today, was gunned down.

Then, in 1897, on this day, the very first Boston Marathon was run. Many other Boston Marathons, throughout the years, have been run on this date because of the historical significance of this being the original Patriots' Day. I believe it was not until the 1970's that the running of the Boston Marathon on April 19th was changed to coincide with Patriots' Day being changed to the third Monday of April.

Amazingly enough, on this day in 1939, 148 years late, Connecticut finally approved the Bill of Rights.

Then there was the end of the 51 day federal government siege of the Branch Davidians compound in Waco, TX, in 1993. It is believed that either tear gas canisters, fired by law enforcement, or the Branch Davidians themselves, caused a fire burning the compound to the ground and killing over 70 of the occupants including men, women and children. That was one of the more shameful episodes in the history of federal law enforcement, in my opinion.

In 1995, terror struck America in Oklahoma City, on April 19th, when a truck bomb exploded killing 168 people and wounding 500 at the federal building there. Timothy McVeigh, the main perpetrator, named the Waco incident as his  primary motive for the Oklahoma City bombing. Amazingly enough, McVeigh seemingly is one of the first conservatives to have committed an act of terrorism against the United States, certainly at least in recent memory.

Sadly, April 19, 2013 will be added to that list as the day on which at least one of the Boston Marathon bombers was killed. Of course, I am not saying it is a sad day because he was terminated but it certainly is a sad day because what took place today was the result of a cowardly attack against unarmed, unsuspecting, innocent
people just a few days earlier. It is also sad because at least one police officer lost his life today in the manhunt for the terrorists and another was critically injured.

There are many other things of note that have taken place on April 19th throughout world history, many of them involving the United States. If you wish to see a long list of them, go to this link:

Maybe this day in history, April 19, 2013, will end on a positive note and the second bomber will either be captured or gunned down as he resists arrest, with no other civilians or others in law enforcement being injured. While I wish that they will be able to just put an end to it by gunning him down, I realize the importance of getting him alive for the intelligence he may be able to supply about others who conspired in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Either way, I hope no other innocents are killed or injured and I hope it is over before the day ends.

All the best,
Glenn B


Unknown said...

As I watch this unfold on the boob tube and watch them going house to house, I wonder how many citizens are having their 4th amendment rights violated today or what rights we as a nation are going to lose because of these two assholes???

Glenn B said...

All anyone had to do, if police wanted to search their home and they did not want it to happen would be to say no - absolutely not. If the police then searched, without a warrant and without exigent circumstances (which they would have to prove, such as having been in hot pursuit)the results of the search that would jeopardize the residents would be inadmissible as evidence against them. My guess would be though that most people willingly and happily allowed the police to search their property hoping the guy would be caught or killed - just like the woman who reportedly called the police back to her house when the guy has now reportedly been shot and is own (still alive).

As for losing rights as a nation, I kind of doubt it but it could happen and yes - because of these two asshole, scumbag, evil terrorists and all of their kind who hope for just that along with most of the lib-turds in this nation.

All the best,