Friday, April 19, 2013

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My bet is that this very lucky asshole truly believes he did such a good job that he would try it again. He has a lot of potential to become a future Darwin Award winner. I have to admit though, until then, he does get bragging rights for that one.

A hat tip to Pete A. for that one.

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Glenn B said...

This comment was emailed to me by Al_in_Ottawa:

"Hi Glenn, I tried to post this comment but since I don't have a google account, I had no joy. Here's what I wrote

"Lucky-to-be-alive morons. These prefab block concrete silos are dry-laid without mortar so they can be disassembled from the top down by two men with safety harnesses. A pair of S hooks 3 to 4 feet long that hook over the staves (the big rings) and are bent at the bottom to support 2x12 planks from 4 to 6 feet long will provide a platform that can be raised and lowered as needed. Enough platforms should be built to form a ring around the silo, except for where the ladder is.

Once the platforms have been made and are in place on the second stave from the top the procedure is to remove the cap and then remove the top most stave by loosening the nuts. If the threads are too corroded the nuts should be cut lengthwise on opposite sides with an abrasive disc and split with a hammer and chisel, preserving the staves for reuse. Safety harnesses must always be clipped to the stave below the one being removed. After the stave is removed the individual blocks can be removed, they are tongue and groove so they need only be wiggled free. The blocks are then dropped onto a pile of sawdust in the center of the silo. A helper on the ground retrieves each block to prevent breakage. The platforms are then lowered to the second stave from the top and the cycle repeated.

The silo can be rebuilt elsewhere in its entirety or as several short silos.


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