Friday, November 13, 2020

Some Comment Notifications Lost In The Ozone I Guess

Got an email yesterday from one of my regular readers asking about he comment he had sent in and wondering why it had not been published. I never received an email notification for it, went through my comments and found a few others likewise. Posted his and another, deleted the rest as they were spam. 

 Had a problem like this before where Blogger stopped sending notifications but this time it may have been my email since I did receive so many other notifications from Blogger in the same time frame as the ones I did not receive. If however, it is Blogger, I'd have to guess it has to do with their new and dumbed-down format and user controls. They went from what I thought was a very good blogging platform to what I see as a pretty much an absolutely moronic way of doing things. I think, it's truly like a pre-teen or young teenager designed the new format as part of a class project that he or she failed miserably. Why they attempted to fix what truly was not broken is beyond my comprehension - unless they were trying to become appealing to the brain dead.

All the best,

PS: Yes I just backed up my blog just in case the hammer falls because I wrote that.

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