Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big Brother Has Been Indoctrinating Us With The Media...

... for a long time. They have hammered away at folks my age with entertainment television, specifically cartoons, since I was a toddler. I remember that every Saturday morning, I would get up really early to watch the first cartoon that played each Saturday, which was Colonel Bleep. I did not realize it back then but do now see that it was nothing more than a leftist attempt at brainwashing kids into thinking that government control of the citizenry was a good thing. In fact, it probably was the first encouragement I received that swayed me to my eventual career as a federal agent. Just watch these couple of episodes and tell me, how could I resist! Note the theme running throughout these cartoons, that the Futuran Interplanetary High Command sent Colonel Blip to investigate us and it would all be an exciting adventure.

Notice in the second one shown here (not necessarily the second episode) Colonel Bleep faces off against Dr. Destructo who is armed with a Lunar Luger; this only about 13 years after the end of WWII and the fight against the Nazis. It immediately puts guns in a bad light unless it is a weapon in the hands of a member of the government, as Colonel Bleep is under the Futuran Interplanetary High Command! Yes, the brainwashing the left tried to ram into our heads started long ago.

Pretty ballsy of those leftists if you ask me. Funny though, while I became a fed, I never fell for all that leftist bullshit. Anyway, Colonel Bleep was the greatest - even better than Mighty Mouse and Superman.

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