Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quick Inventory of 22 Rimfire Ammo

I took a quick inventory of the .22 rimfire ammo, I have around, that was easy to find. (Meaning there could be more somewhere out of sight in an ammo can in the back of the closet or wherever).

After getting it done, I figured I had best stop reading gun forum threads on availability of .22LR ammo and need to stop visiting It's not that I have a gazillion rounds of .22LR, or anywhere close to that, but I think I may have enough, at least for now. I think what I have on hand of .22LR will last me a few range trips and maybe also a few hunting trips. All I'll admit to I having more that a single box of 50 rounds and less than 30 bricks worth of .22LR ammo and I am tight lipped so to speak mostly because no one needs to know how much I have on hand - especially Obama, Cuomo and or their henchmen.

I will readily admit though that I have one single 100 round box of CCI .22 Short (CB Cap). Who cares who knows that? (It was a rhetorical question, don't answer it. Believe me, I know ho might be interested to know how much ammo I have on hand.)

I also have a decent number of .22WMR (.22 Magnum) rounds. Again, enough .22WMR to last a few range trips and maybe even a few more hunting trips - more than a 50 round box and I'll admit to less than 5k rounds of it. Mind you, that could mean 51 rounds, 5 boxes of it, 10 boxes of it or all the way up to 4,999 rounds. I am not telling, again for the same reason. I will note that I found a box from a brick of .22WMR (not even hinting if there is any ammo left in it) and the price on it was $70.00. It was from a 2012 purchase. Imagine getting it for that price now - yeah right.  Nowadays it is selling for about $150.00 per brick, plus shipping, and that is the lowest price at which I could find it in an online search I did while writing this post.

Getting back to .22LR ammo, I have heard that Dick's Sporting Goods may have CCI Mini-Mags in stock. That may require a trip to their store on the way to my daughter's house tomorrow for Mother's Day festivities. Not that I plan to buy any of it but because I need to get each my wife and mother-in-law a Mother's Day Gift. I may find something for my wife there and then may just have to stop by the gun counter to see if they actually have any of the Mini-Mags. Just out of curiosity though and as I said already - not to buy any. As I said, I think I have enough at least for now.

Then again, isn't tomorrow not now, at least until then, when by then it becomes now, but right now tomorrow is not now, and by then when tomorrow becomes now, I may not have enough now by then? Yeah, now I feel better.

All the best,
Glenn B


skybill said...

Hi Glenn,
That's a trip about the .22WMR mags.!! 'Seen .22LR starting to show up again and have had plenty of .223, .556, 30-30, 9mm, .40SW, ,45ACP and a bunch of other ammo available but no .22WMR?? 'Can only wonder?? Any info??
Gpt Ammo??,

Glenn B said...

The 22WMR is available if you look on but it is expensive now compared to 2012. It's usually more than double that price nowadays that is if you can find it. It is on gunbot as I type as bricks of it being in stock at certain dealer for just under $150 but when you go to the dealer's site, it is shown as out of stock. I am happy I have some on hand, my son can go through a few hundred rounds to a brick in a day at the range just shooting it out of a bolt action rifle; although, he has been good at taking it easy on our supply as of late when he does go to the range.

All the best,

Glenn B said...

I forgot to mention, the dealers with it on hand, listed on gunbot, are selling it for upwards of .30 cents per round. Cabela's has it at $14.99 perbox but limits it to one box per customer. So, unless you are buying something else, when you add shipping, it's not worth it. Others have it for as much as .53 cents per round! Imagine that price applied to a brick - it would be $265.00 for 500 rounds!

I guess that in the minds of the gun-control crowd, it is right and just that an 'assault cartridge' like this is so high in price as to be cost prohibitive. Seriously though, with prices so high for ammo, almost all the fun has been taken out of shooting.

All the best,